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Cover des Buches Not Dead (ISBN: 9780996838597)

Not Dead

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Cover des Buches Not Dead (ISBN: 9780996838597)

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Paranormal thriller with a strong romantic vibe
misspidervor 3 Jahren

'Not Dead' is a romantic paranormal thriller that follows a missing child investigation. There are two main characters here: police chief Chad Bishop and reporter Ashley Logan, who happens to be the missing girl's aunt. Therefore, and because of her profession, she starts some investigations of her own, much to the chagrin of Chad. Of course, their initial antipathy soon changes into something quite the opposite, including the obligatory banter and all.
Meanwhile, the kidnapping turns out to be part of a much larger conspiracy than initially assumed, and while Ashley continues to put herself in danger, Chad realizes this case is linked to another one from his past when a mysterious doll appears and a creepy fog covers town.

I really enjoyed the mixture of thriller with supernatural elements, though the suspenseful action actually took a while to kick in. The first half or so of the book concentrates on the romantic development between Chad and Ashley while they follow several leads in the case and put in the necessary, but not yet exciting legwork. However, once the story accelerates, I couldn't stop reading. While the ending was foreseeable it was still satisfying, though I felt slightly disappointed with the explanation of the doll's meaning which left some open questions.

(Great thanks to the author for generously providing a copy of the book. As always, the expressed opinions are my own)


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