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Inhaltsangabe zu „Mystery Weekly Magazine: May 2017 (Mystery Weekly Magazine Issues)“ von Anna Castle

At the cutting edge of crime fiction, Mystery Weekly Magazine presents original short stories by the world’s best-known and emerging mystery writers. The stories we feature in our monthly issues span every imaginable subgenre, including cozy, police procedural, noir, whodunit, supernatural, hardboiled, humor, and historical mysteries. Evocative writing and a compelling story are the only certainty. Get ready to be surprised, challenged, and entertained--whether you enjoy the style of the Golden Age of mystery (e.g., Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle), the glorious pulp digests of the early twentieth century (e.g., Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler), or contemporary masters of mystery. In this issue: Joe Park's Little Girl - by Nikki Dolson A father and daughter reunite but there aren't any hugs or happy endings to be found. The Man Who Loved Pie - by Karl El-Koura An English professor, shot dead in his office -- a violent dispute over academic disciplines, or something more prosaic, and more sinister? 1G NETWORKS J.A. Becker Many years of hard work never paid off, until an aged employee begins taking his rewards by means of his own murderous hands. LITTLE DAVID by Charles Roland In the six years spent looking for David Alamont, it never occurred to a wanna-be amateur sleuth retiree that he might actually find him. THE MONTCLAIR DEAD-STAR COMEDY REVUE by Michael Mallory Jackie Plumm is the hottest television star of 1950, but when he turns up dead, it's up to his Buddy Barker, his comedy stooge, to find out who wanted his boss dead: the mob, the government, or one of his co-workers. THE TATTOOED CORPSE by Jude Roy Two thousand dollars richer and with a dead client, John LeGrand must now find what happened. IN WALKED A LADY by Anna Castle In our feature story, an Elizabethan law student under the investigative tutelage of Frances Bacon, solves a tangled riddle of a dead patriarch. MRS. WALKER AND THE LADY IN THE LAUNDRY by Katie Ginger Curious old Mrs Walker investigates the death of the local barmaid when the killer dumps the body in her back garden.

Stöbern in Krimi & Thriller


spannender und düster angehauchter Krimi



Sympathischer Ermittler, tolles Setting, gut geschrieben,aber die Rückblenden sind etwas zu ausführlich geraten.


Ermordung des Glücks

Wie die Ermordung eines Kindes die Familie verändert - emotionaler Roman.



Fiona ist Fiona oder doch Fiona? – Schräge Undercover-Ermittlerin im Kampf um ihre Identität


Das Porzellanmädchen

Spannung von Anfang bis Ende



Trügerische Idylle


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    Mystery Weekly Magazine: May 2017 (Mystery Weekly Magazine Issues)


    29. June 2017 um 20:35

    Mystery Weekly Magazine is a monthly crime fiction magazine featuring short fiction. It could perhaps be compared to Ellery Queen’s or Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. I originally became aware of it through their Sherlock Holmes issue which was surprisingly good, so I decided to try some further ones. The May 2017 issue features following pieces: Mrs. Walker And The Lady In The Laundry by Katie Ginger – When elderly Mrs. Walker finds a dead body tied up in her washing line in her garden she is shocked and appalled. After all: “What on earth would the neighbors say?” The body turns out to be that Of Judith Bramble a local barmaid. Mrs Walker decides to investigate on her own in the fashion of Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple. This was a charming enough little story, pleasingly told, only let down by an overly simplistic plot that didn’t offer any surprises. In Walked A Lady by Anna Castle takes us back in time to Elizabethan England. Young clerk Tom works for Francis Bacon (Bacon is today probably best known as the person some claim to have written the plays of Shakespeare. To my shame I have to admit that I do not know a lot about Mr. Bacon myself and this story did not help much in this regard.) who runs a sort of detective agency. A pretty young lady turns up and wants to know who killed her uncle. Since Bacon is absent Tom has to play the role of detective. The brevity of the story does not allow for much fleshing out of the historical background and Bacon himself only turns up at the end while Tom is not the most exciting of sleuths, finally the mystery itself is rather weak making for a not very memorable story. The Montclair Dead-Star Comedy Revue by Michael Mallory was the highlight of this issue. The revue of the title is a comedy show for TV. The protagonist Bernard “Buddy” Barker is a luckless comedian who has never made it big in his career and plays second fiddle to the star of the show Jackie Plumm. When Plumm is found shot dead in his dressing room Buddy starts investigating. The story takes place in New York City in the year 1950 and the author does a very good job of bringing that bygone era to life. 1G Networks by J. A. Becker takes the modern work-place environment and turns it into a scene of crime. A man decides to scam his employer, something that turns out to be more complicated than he envisioned. This is a darkly comical tale of greed and corruption which I enjoyed very much. The Tattooed Corpse by Jude Roy is your typical hardboiled private eye story. Our narrator, a private investigator gets a call by a guy who fears someone is trying to kill him; when he goes over to the man’s house he finds him dead. The victim has a large tattoo on his body which could be a clue. A quite well-written short story, but the plot is again disappointingly weak. Little David by Charles Roland continues the theme of the well-written but bland story; it is about the search for a missing person who was snatched from a hospital as a child. Last we have a solve-it-yourself mystery: Murder-Suicide by James Glass Overall this was a weaker issue, even though the quality of the writing is consistently high. I just wish that some of the stories had more original plots. Nonetheless I really like the old-fashioned feel of the magazine and I am thinking of buying all the back-issues too.