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Cover des Buches Copping It Sweet (ISBN: 9781489217059)

Copping It Sweet

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Cover des Buches Copping It Sweet (ISBN: 9781489217059)
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Captivating and sweet...
IraWiravor 8 Jahren

How would you react if you were a cop and coming home after having spend some years abroad you find the wife of a crime-boss right in the middle of your family, being best friends with everyone of them? Even worse -  the wife of a crime-boss whom you are still trying to prove guilty of the murder of an innocent kid? - Well, Cooper doesn't take it well either but when circumstances force Sara and Coop to spend with each other he realizes that there are more (and nicer) reasons to spend time with her apart from the investigation into her husband's crimes...

I really liked the story. It was well written and captivated me from the first page on. Once started, I didn't put the book down.
The story, was thrilling and the complex and well developed characters were easy to like and sympathize with. I loved to see how both of our main characters start to trust each other and to realize how much more they mean to each other. The whole of it made up a fascinating story that I really enjoyed!

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