Anna Samuels A Sanctuary by the Sea


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Inhaltsangabe zu „A Sanctuary by the Sea“ von Anna Samuels

The sand that covered the wide expanse of beach lifted as the wind grew fierce. The sea breathed, in and then out, pushing its breath up on to the shore. The sky above grew dark and tempestuous as the clouds threatened to release their downpour. As lightning cracked, the clouds rolled as if restless. The rain began to fall and the sea rippled as if being touched when cold, the shivers spreading swiftly. Underneath the elements, a woman stood unnaturally still in the middle of the storm. Barefoot on the sand, she stood aloof, looking out to sea. Her mind was as reckless as the storm, unsettled and unhappy. Turning her face to the rain she let the drops cover her face. They fell like tears allowing her to grieve whilst she forced herself to let go of the pain inside. She breathed. It was as if for the first time. She released the shutters from her eyes and allowed herself to look again. She looked at the sea, seeing this time the beauty of it, the beauty of the storm around her. She raised her face to the rain once again. She smiled, letting go. She let her arms drift outwards, skywards and laughed. Laughed with real joy. She was free. She had finally managed to let go. Life would continue, could continue. With unsurpassed joy she lowered her arms and wrapped them around herself, hugging her body tightly, allowing herself warmth and shelter from the storm. After a moment, she then turned and walked away. Away from the storm…away from the pain and away from the old life. A Sanctuary by the Sea Annie Christopher arrives in Merryford in search of a fresh start. Annie is running from the pain of her past and needs a new home and a new job. Annie quickly finds work at a sea-front cafe. She is intrigued by the mysterious Alex- a quiet, intense colleague who Annie finds herself drawn to. As Annie and Alex get to know each other, Annie discovers a chemistry between them which is electric. As they spend more time in each other's company, they find themselves connected through grief. Just as a relationship is forming, it is torn apart by a family crisis. Annie finds herself forced to leave the woman she has fallen for. With deep regret, Annie runs from her home to protect her sister's infant son. She finds refuge in Hope Cove. With a fresh start and a plan to protect Ethan, Annie creates a new life for herself. As life continues, not a day passes without Annie remembering Alex. When Alex turns up unexpectedly, Annie is forced to confront the feelings that never went away. Will life ever be the same in her sanctuary by the sea? A Sanctuary by the Sea is a classic love story with a twist...Annie has fallen in love...with a woman... Anna Samuels loves to hear from her readers-Write to her at
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