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Inhaltsangabe zu „Food Fight“ von Anne Penketh

After the sudden death of her French husband, Serge, Susan needs a change of scenery. Leaving her beloved London home behind, she moves to Washington DC to pursue her high-flying career as a successful marketing executive for the giant food company, DeKripps. But as far as her frosty daughter, Mimosa - a vegan political activist, is concerned, DeKripps and all that it stands for is pure evil. Desperately missing her husband and trying to keep tabs on her troublesome daughter, Susan struggles to find her feet in her new environment. The one solace is her job, which she loves, … and the stash of delicious new ‘Guilty Secrets’ chocolates in her apartment which she can’t seem to get enough of. Susan confides her loneliness in her work colleague, Ellen, who persuades her to try out the bewildering world of online dating – but the combination of dubious dating profiles and her expanding waistline don’t do much for her self-esteem. In the process of launching a marketing campaign for her favourite Guilty Secrets chocolate boxes, Susan stumbles upon a few other secrets too – ones that could incriminate the company and all its unknowing employees … and ones that might explain why she keeps having to buy bigger clothes. It dawns on her that perhaps her daughter was right all along. Will Susan be brave enough to challenge the values upon which her entire career has been built? And can she withstand the consequences? “Erin Brockovich with chocolate. A heart-warming and very funny voyage to the dark soul of the food industry.” - Angelique Chrisafis, The Guardian “This addictive novel is closer to real life in Washington DC than we’d like to think. Fun yet insightful about the lobbying and politicking in the American capital, this take-down of a fictional American food giant is irresistible. Dollars to donuts, it will be the sleeper hit of the year.” - David Usborne, The Independent “Bite into this crisp and bitter-sweet novel. Enjoy the exact flavour of life as we now live it. Savour the odyssey of an able young woman through its heartaches and delights.” - Godfrey Smith, novelist “Lightly told, this timely and provocative novel is a dark tale that will interest anyone who has ever wondered what happens when the pleasures of the palate intersect with the politics of Big Food.” - Meg Bortin, author of ‘The Everyday French Chef’ blog Anne Penketh is a British journalist and foreign correspondent who lives in Paris. Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent publisher of digital books.
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