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Romanze in Venedig

Romanze in Venedig

Erschienen am 22.02.2015
Terrace in the Sun

Terrace in the Sun

Erschienen am 19.08.1977

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Once upon a time ....
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Well, first of all, I’m totally biased when it comes to writing a review of this book. „Terrace in the sun“ („Sommer auf Korsika“ in german) was my most favourite book EVER when I was a kid about 13. My friend and I borrowed it from our local library in turns and I don’t think it’s exaggerated to say I read it probably 30 times in about two or three years. Even back then it was hopelessly old-fashioned (first published in 1966) but what can I say, I was a kid!

To the story, Justine Field is 23 years old and lives and works with her domineering father professor Richard Field (an archaeologist) on Pisano, a small island close to the corsican coast. The professor keeps his daughter on a pretty tight leash. He’s cold, reserved and abrasive most of the time, but he’s everything Justine has and she loves him anyway. Like a good daughter, she is devoted to him and their work, even when her father doesn’t allow her anything that other young girls would do at that age. If she dares to step out of line, he responds with cold contempt.

Things only change, when a few newcomers arrive on Pisano. Julien di Rostini, the elderly island owners grandson and David Cassano, a wealthy hotelier.

Justine and Julien become friends despite her fathers disapproval but Cassano is another matter. He treats her like a child, even more so when Justines father get’s sick and needs surgery. Diane, Juliens beautiful and sophisticated sister shows up on Pisano and things get even more complicated.

Who will Justine fall for? The young, handsome hotshot and irresponsible Julien or David Cassano, the thirty-something, experienced and attractive hotelier.

Make an educated guess :D

... almost 30 years later .... Okay, seriously, this is a mixture between a „Cora dime novel“ and GZSZ or something. First love, misunderstandings, drama! baby, unrequited love, a romantic island etc… I could go on and on. Let’s face it, it’s not exactly world literature and totally out of fashion but you know what? I don’t give a damn.
While reading the book (I use that term loosley, because 184 pages are hardly a book) I was alternately laughing my ass off, rolling my eyes in exasperation and generally having a good time :D:D

2 stars for the story (tops :) and one more for the stupid grin on my face.
3 stars.
Sue me!

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