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Inhaltsangabe zu „Airship Eagle“ von Anthony Fernandes

Discover a dark tale of secrets, deception, and the ultimate battle of magic against science. In the history of magic, no man has ever controlled the spirit of the eagle. Until now ... On the day his father dies, Coast Guard Ensign Karl Drechsler develops the ability to detect the currents of magic and manipulate the spells of the Airshipmen Elite. Victor Van Horn, President Easton Roald's airship fleet commander in the Pines District, seems to know more about the connection between Karl's new talent and his father's death than Karl himself knows. While Karl discovers the secrets of his own family's past, those close to him begin to disappear, and he suspects Victor Van Horn is responsible for the disappearances and the rogue sorcerers who are turning towns into graveyards. President Easton Roald and his Airshipmen Elite govern from Zeppelin Hall, which controls a complex web of offices, departments, and bureaus that infiltrate every aspect of daily life in a new America. Science is the enemy of magic and the sorcerers' greatest fear, so technology is being systematically reversed. Inventors, teachers, and scientists disappear, while the landscape of America is transformed into a haven for the creatures that give Easton Roald his power. But Karl is learning more about himself and his family's secrets, and in time he understands what he must do to inspire a defeated nation and stop the wave of dark magic that keeps most people at home, frightened, behind drawn shades and locked doors. As Karl's confrontations with the Airshipmen become more and more dangerous, he must come to terms with his growing affinity with the eagle as he realizes just how powerful it could become. But can he use his new talent against the most cunning sorcerers in the world without destroying his own family?
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