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Blood Song We have fought battles that left more than a hundred corpses on the ground and not a word of it has ever been set down. The Order fights, but often it fights in shadow, without glory or reward. We have no banners. Vaelin Al Sorna's life changes forever the day his father abandons him at the gates of the Sixth Order, a secretive military arm of the Faith. Together with his fellow initiates, Vaelin ... Full description (Quelle:'Flexibler Einband/04.07.2013')

Stöbern in Fantasy

Die Blutkönigin

Leuder ein wenig flach und schleppend geschrieben.


Das Vermächtnis der Engelssteine

Wahnsinnig spannender zweiter Teil, der mich sehnsüchtig auf den letzten Band warten lässt!


Angelfall - Am Ende der Welt

Geschichte voller Endlosschleifen, Prota zu Klischee verkommen und gleich zu Beginn wird man mit einer sexuellen Nötigung begrüßt.



Grandios! Absolutes Lesehighlight - nun warte ich sehnsüchtig auf den zweiten Teil (Phönix: Widerstand)


Bird and Sword

Absolute Leseempfehlung! Ich liebe es, was für ein fantastisches Buch. Die Welt, die Protagonistin und eine etwas andere Liebesgeschichte!


Der Schwarze Thron - Die Königin

Viel Spannung und tolle Wendungen, allerdings manchmal ein wenig zu langatmig.


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  • [Ravenclaw.Threadsister] Blood Song - Anthony Ryan

    Blood Song


    15. January 2018 um 11:48

    This review and many others, both german and english, can also be found on my blog. Diese und viele weitere Rezensionen, auf deutsch und englisch, findet ihr auch auf meinem Blog. Ravenclaw Threadsister Another Epic-Fantasy adventure that I listened to on audio. In this case I was slightly disappointed with the narration, as I had trouble distinguishing between the different characters and it always took me some time to realize a time-jump had happened, because there was no pause in the narration.Other than that, the book was great. The writing doesn’t come up to the same level as Rothfuss’ in ‘The name of the wind’, to which I’ve seen this one compared, but it’s still great.What the book ‘lacks’ in lyrical prowess it makes up with plot and story-telling.This is only the second book/series I’ve read that has a narrator. In this case it is our protagonist who tells his story to a historian.As I said, there are quite a few time-jumps, which helps keeps the story fast-paced, yet spanning more than a decade.The plot is very interesting and kept me engaged the whole time. It had quite a bit of adventure, some magic mixed in and a whole lot of fighting.Because of the time-jumps and my problems with distinguishing the voices I had some trouble keeping the plot straight time-wise, but it wasn’t that much of a problem.The structure of the order and it’s diffrences to the more ‘worldly’soldiers was interesting to see and I loved seeing out hero juggle his roles in both the fate and as a Sword of the Realm.While we learned a lot about Vaelin, our main character, I didn’t feel like we got to know him very well, most of what we learned about him or his feelings and motivations seemed a bit superficial. I still liked him and enjoyed witnessing his journey.What I also liked was that while he certainly has skills that go beyond those of most men, he wasn’t without flaws. Especially during the early years and his training with the order it was clear that he wasn’t simply the best in everything he did. He is a born leader, very powerful, cunning and almost unbeatable with a sword, but there are other skills in which his brothers outshine him.He is also capable of doing magic, but as it is considered ‘dark’ he hardly uses it consciously.I really hope we’ll see more of it in the future books.In the end I only rated it 4 out of 5 stars, but I’m pretty sure the rating will rise with the other books on the series.

  • Debüt und großartiger Serienauftakt!

    Blood Song


    05. March 2014 um 23:39

    Band eins dieser neuen Reihe hat mir wirklich gut gefallen! Zwar ist es nicht unbedingt voller ganz neuer Ideen - aber die Charaktere und die Handlung sind sehr gut gelungen, deswegen trotzdem auf alle Fälle ein ganz klare Empfehlung für alle, die gerne Fantasy lesen und nach Nachschub für den SUB suchen! Anthony Ryan ist absolut einen näheren Blick wert! Eine wirklich spannende, durchaus auch blutige, und Action geladene Geschichte, die mich durchweg gut unterhalten hat - Band 2 wird definitiv auch direkt mit Erscheinen gelesen!

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