April Lawless Mandy Seduces Me: My First Lesbian Experience: A Lesbian Awakening Erotica Story


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Mandy Seduces Me: My First Lesbian Experience: A Lesbian Awakening Erotica Story“ von April Lawless

Five years. That was how long it had been, and Mandy out of nowhere called me at one in the morning to stay she was coming to spend some time with me. She lived a life with no obligations and no responsibilities. How the hell could she expect me to just drop everything? I had to get to work for God’s sake. Then I saw her. She was naked in front of my full length mirror. She was stunning. Then she saw me, and she was determined to make me enjoy life whether I wanted to or not. Please note: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, and more. Only mature adults legally able to download and read such content should buy this story. Here is a preview: Mandy smiled and held me to her. “Oh, Hol, it’s okay, I don’t mind. Just relax.” I managed to pull away and head out of the closet. “Relax?” That was the last thing I could do. I’d been watching my old friend sift through my dumpy clothing and then, I’d run right into her naked body. It had been the most unsettling few minutes I’d ever experienced. Mandy followed me out of the closet. “Yeah, Hol, me being naked in front of you is nothing. I’m comfortable with myself.” I nodded. “Um hmm, that’s great. Uh, Mandy, I think you should get dressed.” She stepped up to me and gave me a hug. “Why?” She whispered against my neck as her arms pulled me tighter. I couldn’t even struggle. My mind had stopped functioning. I had no answer. I just let her hug me and felt her body press against mine. I felt a strange sensation flow through me like warm syrup. She began to move her hands along my sides and I shivered. “Why do you need me to leave, Holly?” “I just, I need . . .” I stopped as I felt Mandy’s hands travel under my shirt and run over my stomach. Mandy leaned in and brushed her lips over mine. I didn’t understand what she was doing. I’d never thought of being with another woman, didn’t consider experimenting while at college like some of my other friends. I hadn’t even really dated men in college much less taking the time to explore my sexual limits with a dorm roomie. Now, as Mandy let her fingers run up to lightly brush over my nipples and I shuddered. My mouth fell open to make some protest but I could only moan softly as Mandy’s hands cupped my breasts and gently squeezed. She kissed me again but this time she didn’t just pull away. Her mouth pressed on mine and I felt her tongue slip in and explore.
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