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Stepbrother Anonymous

Stepbrother Anonymous

Erschienen am 20.04.2017
Chasing Charlie

Chasing Charlie

Erschienen am 25.08.2016

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Too short :/
pieggyvor einem Jahr

I bought this book shortly before I attended RARE17 in Berlin to get it signed by the author.
I hadn´t read a book by Aria Cole before so this was my first.

The writing was good. I liked the characters as well. I loved the flirting when they met. The story itself- yeah- well nothing really new. I liked the two epilogues, though. SPOILER START: I´m totally into books with pregnancies and babies. I loved for them having some kids, although I wished to have read more about it. SPOILER END The Sex was maybe a bit too much for me. I´m usually very open minded but I want more story than sex. The Sexscenes were fine but they did it a bit too often. With books that short, I´d have preferred to have read more about the characters. The way the book ended was fine. I had no questions left.

But... I don´t know. I read a couple books with not so many pages and I think those aren´t for me. The stories are usually rushed. Everything happens so fast. There is not really a developement of characters or the storyline. I just can´t fall in love with such books :/ That´s what happened here too. I really hoped that this book would be different and that it would make me fall in love with short stories. It didnt :( But that´s because of me and my taste in books. It´s not the authors or books fault. The rating and reviews show that there are enough ppl who like them and it´s fine :) Anyway- As I said- the writing was good and because of that I definitely plan on reading other books by Aria Cole. Just because I didn´t become a fan of this book, doesn´t mean I couldn´t fall in love with her other books. So I´ll keep my fingers crossed that this will happen with her other works.

I started this book because I needed sth fast to read and as it doesn´t have many pages, I got what I wanted. So if you´re looking for sth short and fast and sth not that complicated to read- this one might be the one for you.


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