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Cover des Buches Killing Hemingway: (A coming-of-age novel about life, decisions, love, and genius.) (ISBN: 9781942810001)
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Rezension zu "Killing Hemingway: (A coming-of-age novel about life, decisions, love, and genius.)" von Arthur Byrne

Arthur Byrne - Killing Hemingway
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Teddy Alexander is a child prodigy; nevertheless his parents try to have him lead a normal life. Instead of playing like other kids, he solves complex mathematical problems, where others meet their peers for play dates, he calls a Russian scientist. Physics is his passion already as a kid. When growing older, he skips some classes because some teachers are just unable to cope with his intelligence. The only problem is finding friends, in High School finally, he seems to have come across some and does not suspect that some might exploit his capacities.

Most of the novel is written very lively and convincingly, you can imagine a boy like Teddy to be real and the problems he encounters due to his outstanding brain seem to be believable. It is only the last section, when he finally tries to life the life of an ordinary college boy which I found a bit boring and less compelling. This might be due to the fact that he loses most of what makes him a special character and behaves in a most ordinary way. The necessary happy-end also is on the one hand nice to have, but the novel was more interesting when not everything was hunky dory.


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