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Inhaltsangabe zu „Death of a Salesman“ von Arthur Miller

The definitive critical edition of Miller's tragic masterpiece featuring a comprehensive commentary together with notes and questions prepared by one of the leading international Miller experts in consultation with the author's estate.

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  • A dead salesman can sell no longer

    Death of a Salesman


    18. October 2015 um 18:13

    I'm not sure if I'd have picked the book up by myself, but  I had to read it for university and did enjoy reading "Death of a Salesman". The story focusses on Willy Loman, a salesman, who isn't that successful in his job anymore. Furthermore, he is disappointed by his son Biff and is behaving weirdly which troubles his wife and the two sons. When he is fired from his job, Willy really needs a reason to live on. The play is a really fast moving one, at least in my opinion. It was soon clear that Willy is the type of guy who thinks he is successful, but really is just a normal salesman with two sons who aren't successful either.  During the story it becomes clear that Willy suffers from some kind of mental illness, maybe Alzheimers. His family doesn't know and so it's shocking for them so see Willy talking to his brother Ben, whom they cannot see. Sometime I was not sure whether to laugh or to cry, as it's kind of a funny story on the one hand and a sad one on the other. Themes such as suicide, family problems and a conflicted father-son-relationship are mentioned and embodied by a family that wants to live the American Dream, but is simply trying to eager to achieve it I give 4 stars for this play and would like to watch it on-stage sometime.

  • Rezension zu "Death of a Salesman" von Arthur Miller

    Death of a Salesman


    23. September 2011 um 23:28

    Erst als wir das Buch im Englischunterricht näher bearbeitet haben gefiel mir das Buch, denn diese Buch beinhaltet aktuele Themen ( ein Mann der seine Träume nicht erreicht hat, hat das nicht jeder schon mal von uns erlebt?) !

  • Rezension zu "Death of a Salesman" von Arthur Miller

    Death of a Salesman


    28. November 2008 um 18:59

    etwas verwirrend durch die vielschichtigkeit kommt durch den film besser hervor.. american dream kommt auch nur beim 2.mal hinsehen herraus. aber war ganz interessant ...

  • Rezension zu "Death of a Salesman" von Arthur Miller

    Death of a Salesman


    06. January 2008 um 15:18

    Von der Zeit überholt, von der Umwelt eingeengt und des Lebens müde, das ist Willi. Über den verlorenen American Dream und Hoffnungen die schon lange verloren sind.