Astrid Sommer The What's Your Sign Relationship & Dating Horoscope Journal


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This journal is a unique, fun way for you to track and profile the romances in your life according to people`s horoscope signs. Use the notebook-style system to categorize people under their sign. Featuring over 125 lined, specially designed fillable pages, with a separate section for each sign of the Zodiac. Record names and observations about loves and likes in your dating, relationships and romances - past, present and future. A special gift for yourself or anyone who enjoys keeping a journal, diary, lunar calendar, uses astrology predictions, yearly horoscope forecasts, readings and psychic predictions, natal charts or who is attracted to astrology traditions, tarot cards or fortune telling. Visit for a sample view inside, more details and bonus material.
INSPIRE YOURSELF whenever you want to feel more secure in your own thoughts, better recognize your choices, feel closer to people you know and your relationships, and reach out in spirit to achieve better understanding and compassion. Use the What`s My Sign Relationship & Dating Horoscope Journal to gain more focus, help identify patterns, open new paths and inspire yourself in personal growth.
A HELPFUL TOOL FOR COLLECTING KEY DETAILS. Develop your own dedicated astrology diary about people you like, love or are interested in. Log important, useful details and create your own personal resource filled with observations, comments about people's personality traits, remarks heard or said, and your relationship compatibility.
A PORTABLE AND ATTRACTIVE REFERENCE SOURCE that you can check again and again. Continuously add more people as your circles expand. Plus you can add more horoscope journals to your own personal collection at any time.
MORE IN THE SERIES. The What`s My Sign Horoscope Journal Series features other specialized journals: The What`s My Sign Original Horoscope Journal (to record and track people you know according to their Western horoscope signs), The What`s My Sign Chinese Astrology Horoscope Journal (to record and track people you know based on their Chinese animal sign and element), and the What`s My Sign Couples Horoscope Journal (to record and track the compatibility of couples you know based on their astrological signs). Discover and collect them all.

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