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Get ready for nearly a thousand pages of non-stop erotica as famed lesbian author Audrey Hart releases all of her very best work in one massive box set. This collection includes nine full stories and is absolutely guaranteed to satisfy. And, for a limited time only, it is being offered at this incredible promotional discount price. Here is just a sampling of what you'll be treated to in this staggering assemblage: Melody's Lucky Day: After a terrible morning and a fight with her best friend, Melody is on her way home in the rain when she has a car accident. The worst day of her life slowly begins to turn around when Wanda, the driver of the other car, invites her to her home. The two of them hit it off right away, and the afternoon is filled with sexual excitement as Melody attempts to keep up with Wanda's escalating desires. And with Wanda's wild mood swings, this is no easy task. Fallen Angels: Gwen is a beautiful 34 year-old housewife trapped in a miserable marriage. She finds herself dreaming of desperate ways of getting out of it, and spends less and less time with her husband and more with her neighbor, Cindy. The two women soon grow much closer, and as their affections toward each other overshadow their unhappy marriages, they devise a scheme for solving all their problems in one shamelessly immoral afternoon. Leyla: Keira's life consists of one tragic mishap after another, and the only friend she has to rely on is imaginary. As she sinks closer and closer to rock bottom, she is sent to a school-appointed psychiatrist who must try and figure out the cause of Keira's constant misery. The psychiatrist, Leyla , is the first person in Keira's life who she is able to form a bond with. The bond strengthens quickly, and the two of them soon realize they have much more in common than either of them could have imagined. Soon they become lovers, and both their lives change drastically for the better. Keira is an erotic, sexual fairytale with some of the most sensual love scenes you will ever encounter. Guaranteed not to disappoint, this is one book you don't want to miss. Stacie: Stacie is the story of a teenage girl growing up and discovering her sexuality. She begins by revealing some of her earliest experiences and then goes on to recount how she ended up involved in a romantic relationship with her stepmother. The scenes in which Amy and her stepmother, Susan, try and see how much they can get away with while Amy's father is in the next room, or even in the same room, are some of the most exciting you'll ever read. There are five more full books here as well! Don't miss out on this exclusive offer!
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