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Cover des Buches The Bandit (Stolen Duet Book 1) (ISBN: B01JWNJP7O)
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The end is not the end
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3,5 -3,75 Stars

I love books that want to make me want to know more and more and that made questions pop up in my brain. B.B. Reid achieved it with this book. Right from the start I had questions that I wanted to have the answer too but had to wait for a veeeeery long time. It made me crazy ;)

I think the main theme of this book is betrayal. But it´s also about fear- fear of loving someone, fear of losing someone, fear of doing the wrong thing, fear of... This book is also about love, hate, revenge, fighting, surviving and finding out the truth.

The main characters of this book are Mian and Angel. Both are the children of powerful and criminal men and when they were forced together, feelings developed both didn´t welcome. They tried hating each other but with each year it would become harder- especially for Angel. And then one day everything they knew were destroyed by death and both wouldn´t see each other until Mian was forced to do something that would secure the health of her baby. The problem is: she was caught and now she has to suffer of the consequences by the man she hated and loved at the same time. A man who wants revenge for his father's death and one who wants to see her dead too. But nothing is as it seems and after some time Angel starts to questions everything.

The truth will come out, but how long will it take and what does it mean for everyone involved?

Someone will be hurt. Someone will die. Someone will suffer.

But the end is not the end.

My opinion:

As I already mentioned- this book made me want to keep and keep reading. At 3am I had to stop though, but I couldn´t wait to pick it up to read the rest as soon as I was able to. This story sucked me in and I wanted to know everything. I wanted answers and revelations. And I think I got (almost) all of them. I can´t wait to read book No. 2 to get the answers to the rest of the questions
SPOILER START Why did Angel want revenge when he knew the whole time that it wasn´t Mians dad who killed his dad? Why did he want to kill her? Because he knows about the book? Does Angel know his dad had an affair with Mians Mom? SPOILER END

I loved the characters. Not only Mian, her son and Angel, but also the side-characters-> Z and Lucas.

I loved how they all kept each other on their toes. I loved their banter and how they fought each others with words and just in general the way they interacted with each other was sth. I enjoyed reading about. Although the guys were assholes, they also were funny and great.

I loved how conflicted Angel was with everything regarding his revenge and Mian. Somehow I just wish it wouldn´t have taken so long for him to do the first step. I liked how Z provoked him though and how Lucas tried to get him to see everything clearly.

The final scene at the end- it was disappointing. It was short and over much too soon.  SPOILER START I was constantly thinking about who stole the book and was, after reading a couple of chapters, suspecting his mother or her new husband to be the thief. Well... it wasn´t really a surprise then. SPOILER END

The writing style was good even though there were quite a lot grammar/spelling mistakes or missing words in it. But they didn´t stop the reading flow.

The book could have been a bit darker. Angel, Z. and Lucas are criminals but there weren´t really scenes where they killed someone or whatever.

As I already said- I can´t wait to start reading book 2. I need more of Angel and Mian. I need to know what happens to them. I want a Happy End :P

It was my first BB Reid book and I think after this series there will be more of her books I will read :)


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