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Die beiden US-amerikanischen Fantasyautoren Barb und J.C. Hendee machten sich vor allem mit ihrer Noble Dead Saga (dt. Dhampir Saga) einen Namen, mit der sie wochenlang auf der Bestsellerliste standen. Diese Reihe dreht sich um die Vampirjäger Magiere und Leesil. Barb und J.C Hendee leben und schreiben südlich von Portland im US-Bundestsstaat, etwas über eine Stunde entfernt von der Küste. Sie haben eine gemeinsame Tochter namens Jaclyn, die mit ihrem Sohn Paul, Babs und J.C.s Enkel, im texanischen Houston lebt.

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Dhampir - Halbblut

Erschienen am 21.10.2011
Cover des Buches Dhampir 02 (ISBN: 9783802584893)

Dhampir 02

Erschienen am 08.09.2011
Cover des Buches Dhampir - Schattenherz (ISBN: 9783802587344)

Dhampir - Schattenherz

Erschienen am 24.08.2011
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Cover des Buches Dhampir: Dunkelland (ISBN: B0064NUE2G)

Dhampir: Dunkelland

Erschienen am 04.11.2011
Cover des Buches Dhampir 08 (ISBN: 9783802584701)

Dhampir 08

Erschienen am 14.02.2013
Cover des Buches Dhampir (ISBN: 9783802588914)


Erschienen am 01.10.2012
Cover des Buches Dhampir: Halbblut (ISBN: B005ZS9EWC)

Dhampir: Halbblut

Erschienen am 21.10.2011

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Cover des Buches A Choice of Secrets (A Dark Glass Novel) (ISBN: 9781635730340)

Rezension zu "A Choice of Secrets (A Dark Glass Novel)" von Barb Hendee

Strangely addictive read
Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzervor 4 Jahren

It is a strange phenomenon. Somehow, I am addicted to the books of the Dark Glass Series, even though a lot of things speak against it.
The style of writing consists of many repetitive phrases. Some of them are part of the concept of living the three different choices. Not every single thing changes, of course. But even then I doubt that people would choose the exact same wording. Variation and the playing with words is missing.
Additionally, the characters and the plot are constructed in a simplistic fashion as well. No depth, barely any surprising twists and turns.
One should think that the story must be quite boring indeed. For some reason it is not, at least not to me. Although I do advise not to read the three storylines one right after the other.
If you are looking for something to pass the time and to relax, that requires not too much thinking, and if you want to see what a difference one single choice can make, then this series might be the right choice for you.

Cover des Buches A Girl of White Winter (A Dark Glass Novel) (ISBN: 9781635730326)

Rezension zu "A Girl of White Winter (A Dark Glass Novel)" von Barb Hendee

Too rushed
Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzervor 4 Jahren

This time I am not quite so thrilled like I was with the second book of the series. I still love the idea of the mirror that lets you live out three possible choices and decide afterwards which path you want to take.
But many of the aspects I criticized about book 1 made an appearance in this one as well.
Phrases and sometimes even entire sentences are repeated, apart from those that are necessary. In addition to that I had a hard time feeling with the characters because the style of writing seemed rather dry and rushed over the emotional parts. One sentence that something is breaking the character's heart is simply not enough for me. I completely understand that the book consists of three stories and they can not be a whole novel but there should be still a way to let the reader in. I do not want to be a mere observer, I want to experience the story together with the characters.
By contrast, the first story came pretty close to what I wished for. I think it was because the development of Kara's character was far more noticeable there. I had a hard time getting to the point where I started to like her. She is so fragile and dependent, knows nothing of the world because she never got out of the house she formerly lived in, and the only thing she wants is to please her lady. Although I do understand why she ist hat way, I still couldn't identify with her. So I very much appreciated that she got over her issues in the portrayal of the first choice. No development in choice 2, again, I understand why, but it is still frustrating to read. In choice 3 she acted out of character several times or the development to an independent individual has been too fast.
But there was another aspect I appreciated: For the first time, the three choices play out in three different places, so no repetitiveness in that department and each time something new to experience.

All in all, this third installment (each book can be read without having knowledge of the others) of the series could not entirely meet my expectations. I have not felt emotionally involved enough due to the rushing over events. I do not think that I am going to read book 4. For now I got enough of choices.

Cover des Buches Through a Dark Glass (ISBN: 9781635730012)

Rezension zu "Through a Dark Glass" von Barb Hendee

Okay for some light reading but nothing more
Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzervor 5 Jahren

I can't quite decide how I should feel about this book.
On the one hand, I loved the idea of this special mirror. Who wouldn't want the opportunity to look ahead into three possible futures and then choose their prefered path in the knowledge that it will come to pass for certain, even if they won't remember afterwards. This certainty would be great to have. Moreover, it's been pretty fascinating to see what a big difference one choice can make, while some things do not change at all. In addition to that, with each path Megan "lived" through, we get to know the family, whom she has married into, a little better.
But on the other hand, the style of writing has been far too descriptive for my liking. We are told what is happening without being included. I wish I had been more involved in the story, had been given more opportunity to feel with Megan. It's been a rushing over situations without actually really getting into them to explore. Therefore, although with each path there is more to discover about the characters, I don't feel like I really know them.
If their'd been more in depth story-telling, I think the different choices wouldn't have come across quite so repetitive as well because there are some passages where the exact same wording has been used. It fits in well with this kind of story but it could've been done without being so glaringly obvious.
The main character, ah, she frustrated me. She is so naive and submissive most of the time. I've just been unable to warm up to her properly, which probably has a lot to do with the fact that the style of writing hindered me to do so.

All in all, the idea is fantastic. The style of writing not so much, far too much rushing over situations and barely any possibility for emotional involvement and exploration. I'd still recommend the book for some light reading to relax, but not for those who are looking for something deeper.


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