The Eye of Everfell: Book One of the Shadow Battles

The Eye of Everfell: Book One of the Shadow Battles
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The inhabitants of Erseta have been overtaken. Their kingdoms are infiltrated, their rulers reduced to mere puppets. A game is played from the shadows, where the most powerful move unseen but make their presence felt in devastating ways. A whisper, and a king goes mad. A subtle nudge, and an empire topples. A war is being waged; the Five Kingdoms teeter on the verge of being ripped apart like rotted cloth.

Yet no one knows the truth.

Alaric Aelfvalder once took an interest in the ambitions of his kin. But as an immortal, the years have taken their toll, and his obsession rules his every whim. He will risk his soul to cure his people of the curse that afflicts them: their terrible brand of immortality.

Nyori Sharlin may have just been appointed a Shama, but her role as a keeper of ancient lore has already put her life in jeopardy. Her discovery of an ancient artifact captures the attention of Alaric, the Pale Lord who would do anything to recover it.

Renowned knight Marcellus Admorran knows nothing of shadowy schemes, but finds himself at the center of one regardless. Betrayed and left for dead, he returns to his once-favored kingdom consumed by two things: unanswered questions, and a thirst for vengeance.

Their lives will intersect with others: men who shift their shape with a thought, an ambitious and brutal warlord fixated on conquest, a cunning agent with duplicitous loyalties, a crimson-eyed mistress whose name means Death, and a band of skilled fighters who dare to hunt the immortal.

The Eye of Everfell spins a web of intrigue and suspense, romance and adventure. A must-read for fans of classic epic fantasy.


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