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Singing Bone, The : A Novel

Singing Bone, The : A Novel

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We are family
Cambridgevor 3 Jahren

This was a dark and suspenseful read. The story is told very slow, you get to know all the characters and the author also gives us some time to understand how and why these four bright young people fell for Jack Wyck. It’s still hard to understand but I almost got it. It’s also a book about friendship and guilt and forgiveness. 

Alice, Molly, Trina and Stover are close friends since they were kids. Trina somehow comes along with a new boyfriend, Lee, and Jack and Allegra, two adults. Jack is almost twice their age. It’ 1979 and Jack and Allegra seems so different to the average people in their small home town. With the help of drugs, alcohol and sex they caught their interest and soon the four move into his filthy house in the woods, were they pretend to be a “family”. Jack is charismatic and offers a strange philosophy. But it all ended in a nightmare.

The story springs back and forth between 1979 and 1999. Alice is now a professor of folklore. Hans, a documentary film maker wants to make a film about Jack Wyck, who is still in prison. Hans contacts Alice, and soon she has to make up with her past and her part in the murders that happened. 

The book takes its time. The story develops slowly. Little by little you learn what happened, who was killed and who did it. It’s a very dark and complex story. It’s frightening and also, at the end, hopeful. 

I enjoyed this book, Maybe it was a bit too slow and too long. But I admire the great story, it’s development. I am glad I got a chance to read this exceptional book..


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