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Cover des Buches A Rogue to Avoid (Matchmaking for Wallflowers Book 2) (ISBN: B01M0TWAUZ)IraWiras avatar

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Very enjoyable, fastpaced and funny
IraWiravor 5 Jahren

This book is really nice.
I laughed a lot, I sighed and swooned a bit - and I really enjoyed reading the book.

Apart from the fact that it is always nice to have a well written book and follow the hero and the heroine when they find true love where they least expect it, I also loved Christina and Gerard, heroine and hero in question.
Both are well developed, interesting characters and their story is imaginative and a bit different.
Some things were a bit too unrealistic but on the whole the story was well plotted and captivating. Well, on the whole but unfortunately not all of the story. Towards the end some things got a bit too unbelievable  and Duke or not, well, just read for yourself... Oh, and how I loved Christina and her brave and fortright manner at the end of the book, she is truly amazing but Gerard is also a dear - and brave and loyal and...everything.

It won't become one of my favorite books but I enjoyed reading it, will definitely read it again and I do also look forward to reading other books by Bianca Blythe.


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