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Cover des Buches Schiff der Träume (ISBN: 9781940618982)

Schiff der Träume

Erschienen am 05.02.2019
Cover des Buches Gabriella (Hiatt Regency Classics Book 1) (ISBN: 9781940618135)

Gabriella (Hiatt Regency Classics Book 1)

Erschienen am 26.06.2012
Cover des Buches Starstruck: Ein Starstruck-Roman (ISBN: 9781940618807)

Starstruck: Ein Starstruck-Roman

Erschienen am 21.02.2018

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Cover des Buches Gabriella (Hiatt Regency Classics Book 1) (ISBN: 9781940618135)Pachi10s avatar

Rezension zu "Gabriella (Hiatt Regency Classics Book 1)" von Brenda Hiatt

Typischer Regency Roman, sehr kurzweilig mit sympathischen Charakteren
Pachi10vor einem Jahr

Als ihr Vater verstirbt wird Gabriella für eine Saison nach London zu ihrer Schwester geschickt. Ihre Mutter wünscht es so, vor allem mit dem Hintergedanken, dass ihre Tochter dort eine gute Partie machen kann.

Doch Gabriella ist nicht so wie andere junge Damen und das Wohl und die Gesundheit von Tieren liegt ihr mehr am Herzen als Schmuck und Kleider und Bälle.

Lord Ravenham hat eine Wette verloren und ihm obliegt es nun Gabriella in der Gesellschaft in London zu etablieren. Gar nicht so einfach, denn die junge Dame ist eben nicht so wie andere junge Damen.

Typischer Regency Roman, sehr kurzweilig mit sympathischen Charakteren und auch vom Schreibstil sehr angenehm zu lesen. 

Cover des Buches Starstruck (English Edition) (ISBN: B00FDKBXLM)Nora4s avatar

Rezension zu "Starstruck (English Edition)" von Brenda Hiatt

Not a bad idea but my expectations were not fulfilled
Nora4vor einem Jahr

Clearly not a bad idea for this story, but it could have been done so much better. I expected it to go another way (or maybe my expectations were just too high).

The story started really promising. Marsha seems like a cool character and I could relate with her on quite some things (the huge nerdy-like love for astronomy, the shyness and the nearsightedness). For 15 years old she seems quite mature and I rather like that.
Sadly though, that changed through the story, as Rigel appeared. I get it, there are quite a few things that are so new for here and I can understand she wants to learn more about all that and the first love is of course special as well. But she completly forgets about her friends. This first of all leads to some completely unnecessary drama (besides the whole school enemy thing with Trina, that is a generally overdone thing in such stories) in the story that was not helping at all. But it is generelly just rude to just leave your lifelong friends hanging like that, over a guy you just met. She can hang out with Rigel, that is okay but she should not forget to also spend time with her friends.

Then the thing with Mars and astronomy. There was just not enough for me. For that fact that she always just hangs out with Rigel, there are not many things we get to know about Mars and the system there. I was actually hoping for even more than just people from Mars. 🌟☄️🌖
Maybe their names would have had some connections with the stars they were named after (although Rigel was the only one, sadly. I was expecting something like the Black family in „Harry Potter“, where almost everyone had some name connected to space and stars). Maybe we would have gotten a closer look into a scientific lab of the Marsians, in which they explored stardust or something or had some advanced telescopes. Maybe Marsha would have had some opportunity to see pictures or movies from her home on Mars (or even go there). But there was nothing of that. Just a boring explanation of why humans got to Mars that really does not make much sense and has so far no bigger meaning for the story. If she already goes for the astronomy and logical way, why didn‘t the author choose to go with the hypothesis that life on earth originated on Mars and was brought here through some asteroids? That makes more sense than just saying that some humans got kidnapped and then only within 2000 years changed so much (more strength, better eyes, longer lives) and became more advanced. That is even with genetic influence evolutionary probably just not possible within just such a short time span. As long as there is no closer explanation on this super species that kidnapped them, I cannot believe something like that, even in a fantasy story. That is just too far fetched.

Instead of astronomy I just get a bit of an overdramatic love story. They are only 15, so not that old yet, so it is not as bad (although like I said, Marsha seemed more mature than that at the beginning at least). At that age some things just get a bit overdramatized. But the breaking up (or misunderstanding) and the making up with each other happens like three times (one time was planned so that is okay). The whole story was just a school romance with some danger and a very small amount of science fiction. I get that there are more parts but there wasn‘t anything in the first part that would make me interested to read more.


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