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“I was in way deeper with her than I’d anticipated. Way deeper than I’d ever intended. Way deeper than I should've allowed.”

Madison Frost has been kidnapped and taken to an isolated cabin by a man known only as Ghost. She's a student at Northwestern University. He's a professional criminal, hired to do the dirty work. But what was supposed to be a quick job over in twenty-four hours, turns into much more.

Madison and Ghost both experience a significant amount of growth through this ordeal. It's one reason why their romance works so well. Madison has always known that the life she's been living hasn't been her own, but for the first time she's actually resolved to do something about it. She's tougher than anyone has ever giving her credit for, until Ghost. He's never had an easy home life, either, so he's done what he has to do to survive and raise his younger brother.

This is my first book by Brighton Walsh, and I really like her writing. It’s emotive, yet light when it needs to be, and she tells the story well, getting us right into the mind and hearts of Madison and Ghost.

I don't know if this book will be for everyone. But if you enjoy forbidden romances Captive is an awesome choice! It's a standalone that has great suspense, sizzling moments, and a HEA with a beautiful message about breaking the chains of the past so one can truly live without regrets. I recommend it!

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