Caelia Portier Doctor's Play Bundle (A Collection of Medical Play Erotica)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Doctor's Play Bundle (A Collection of Medical Play Erotica)“ von Caelia Portier

Open wide...the doctor is in…. Check out this 4 book collection of medical play and medical exam stories…doctors orders! By Amazon Best Selling Erotica Author Caelia Portier! This 4 Book Doctor’s Play Bundle is not for the weak of heart, and for adults 18+ only. Please further note that all characters depicted are of legal adult age. It contains extremely graphic descriptions of sex acts. If you are offended by the nature of such stories, please do not purchase this book. If you love it, then enjoy! Deep Vein Thrombosis (A MILF MMF Medical Exam Erotica) ~ Meet Dr. Jenna, a big beautiful milf with an insatiable and lascivious appetite. Dr. Jenna has a new patient, Gabe, with a novel problem: Gabe has a seemingly permanent rod, and Dr. Jenna, and her mentor, the sexy Dr. Sacher, are ready to help relieve Gabe’s rigid problem. Dr. Jenna must help Gabe lose his rigid rod, and if she doesn’t, she will lose her credibility as a hot sexy doctor. Ella’s Third Exam ~ After Ella’s first (Ella’s First Exam) and second (Ella’s Second Exam) gynecologist appointments, Dr. Billings and his sexy assistant (and wife!), Tammy, are still having a hard time determining Ella’s sexual preference! She seems to prefer Tammy, but Dr. Billings is simply not convinced. More analysis is needed, so a third exam has been scheduled. But this time, Dr. Billings has decided to bring in two hot male medical school students. What will Ella, Tammy, and Dr. Billings learn about Ella in her third medical exam? {Please note: Although this book is the 3nd book in the Ella’s Exam Series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone!} Inseminate Kate ~ It’s a race to inseminate Kate! The formerly sweet and innocent Kate has recently become sexually active. And once she had an initial taste, she’s been insatiable! However, this curvaceous beauty decides she needs to go see a gynecologist for the first time, the sexy and equally as lascivious Dr. Carter. Interestingly, Dr. Carter and his medical school student slash assistant, Jake, appear to be operating some type of “program” at his medical office. And, if Dr. Carter and Jake have any say in the matter while she’s in the stirrups, Kate won’t be the only patient of theirs not carrying a bundle of joy for much longer…. Squirtin’ for Certain (A Sexy MILF Medical Exam Erotica) ~ Meet Julie, a gorgeous well-endowed MILF with a big problem: despite the fact that she isn’t pregnant, she’s producing as if she were! Julie has plenty for everyone to taste, but letting the men at the strip club drink just isn’t fulfilling her. So, she goes to her sexy young doctor who can help her out with her need to nurture.
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