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Autor von Between Here and the Horizon, Blood & Roses - Buch 2 und weiteren Büchern.

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Blood & Roses - Buch 1

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Blood & Roses - Buch 2

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Blood & Roses - Buch 2

Blood & Roses - Buch 2

Erschienen am 29.01.2019
Blood & Roses - Buch 1

Blood & Roses - Buch 1

Erschienen am 14.12.2018
Between Here and the Horizon

Between Here and the Horizon

Erschienen am 18.10.2016
The Blood & Roses Series Box Set

The Blood & Roses Series Box Set

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Deviant (Blood & Roses Book 1)

Deviant (Blood & Roses Book 1)

Erschienen am 19.02.2014

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Rezension zu "Between Here and the Horizon" von Callie Hart

I can def. recommend this book
pieggyvor einem Jahr

4,5 Stars

I think this is one of my favorite books this year. It made me happy, sad, grin, laugh, cry... It made me feel so much.

This book is about family, life, death, loss, trust, hurt, changes, healing, love, grief and finding happiness. Maybe it´s also about forgiveness.

This book is about people who influence and change each others lives in some way. Influences and changes that were planned and some that weren´t.

The main characters of this book are Ophelia, Ronan and Sully. But there also a couple of side characters like Ronans kids and wife who were important to the story as well.

Ophelia is a, now unemployed, teacher as her school shut down. With her parents struggling to finance the restaurant they own, Ophelia naturally looks for a job that not only would help her to earn money, but also would help her parents with their restaurant. A job offer from New York seemed to be the perfect opportunity. Being the nanny and teacher for Ronan Fletchers children would help her out a lot, because the money she would get is more than she ever earned before. But the problem is- she would have to move to an island for this job and wouldn´t be able to leave and visit her parents for 6 months. Could she do it?

Ronan Fletcher is a wealthy business man, widower and dad. Losing his wife was the worst thing that could have happened to this family. Not only are his children struggling with the loss, he is too. More than everyone thinks. Finding someone to teach and care for his children wasn´t that easy but with Ophelia he finally found the one person he could trust with his kids. The one person he thinks is best for his family- his WHOLE family. The one person who wouldn´t mind to move to the island where the family estate is, where he grew up and where he lived with his wife for so long. Plans are made, letters written, the date is set. And then they have to say goodbybe....forever?

Sully is a mistery to most. But also honest, rude and an asshole. Being in the military for so many years and being betrayed by the most important ppl in his life changed him. He was heartbroken and angry. Now he has his own successful business on the island. He is brave, he is stubborn, he´d do anything to help and save ppl. But there is one thing he wouldn´t do- he won´t let anyone get close to him. He´d rather be alone and does his own thing. He doesn´t even have contact to his family. That is until death forces him, until he meets Ophelia.

Is Ophelia the right person for this job? Is she able to help and maybe even heal this family? What plans did Ronan have and what are the letters saying? Will Sully give in? Will he change? Will he give them a chance? Are the kids ever going to be happy again? How much hurt can someone bear? Will Ophelia stay the whole 6 months? What did Ronan do? And what other secrets are there? Will there be a happy end?

Read this book to get the answers ;)

My opinion:

I loved this book. The writing style was so,so good. I couldn´t stop reading this book. I had questions and didn´t want to wait to get the anwers to them. I read till 4am! Luckily for me I didn´t had to get up early ;)

I could connect to the characters. I was able to understand them, their reasons, their behaviour. Well... There is one exception- Ronan. But I will get to it.

As I already said above- I felt so much. I had so many emotions. It didn´t take long until I shed the first tear. But I also had to grin quite often. I loved the banter and teasing of Sully and Ophelia. I loved how she didn´t let him get away with is assholish ways :D

When Ronan did what he did, I was like : "No way. That can´t happen. Isn´t he the main character? That can´t be possible. No! He can´t do that. What about his kids?!.!" :D This was really a surprise. I didn´t expect this.

I think it´s not often that I like almost every single character of a book but here it happened. I really, really loved the kids. The way they talked, what they did, how they acted- it not only melted my heart but it also hurt. Yes I hurt for them. And I loved how everyone interacted with them. Especially Ronan and Sully. It was so cute and adorable.

I really liked some phrases. I liked that everything was explained. I had no questions left. I also liked that the book showed a different side of things- how differently ppl see things, how differently they struggle, grief and love. The characters and their story seemed real to me. As Sully liked to say: There´s "No bulshitting"

What Sully and Ronan did back when they were in the military... well. It wasn´t a surprise to me. I honestly thought that this would happen and I could understand it. It made me like Sully even more.

I liked how Sully changed and that he changed at all. I liked how Ophelia took part in him changing :)

Not sure how I feel about the both scenarios at the end. The thing at the airport- shocking but I knew why it happened and it helped to answer the few questions left and to cunclude the story. But I think they could´ve had another reason. This thing with the dad didn´t had to happen.


I really can´t complain much about this book. I really loved it but there are a few things I wasn´t so happy about:

1. Ronan. His reason for doing it sucked. But I could understand it if there had been some other explanation too. SPOILER START  I hate ppl who kill themselves even though they have children. It´s selfish. Ronan knew how much his kids suffered and struggled with their mom´s death. They were just starting to get better and then he did this and thought that wouldn´t destroy them even more? Now being all alone? He left them with a stranger they didn´t even knew for more than 24 hours. He trusted his instinct and gut. But what if he would´ve been wrong? What if Ophelia wouldn´t have stayed for the kids? What if she´d been a bad person? And what would have happened when the 6 months were over and Sully wouldn´t have taken the kids? It just was stupid of him. He shouldn´t have done it. I might understand it if he would have been severly depressed. But it never was mentioned and depressed ppl would show signs beforehand. But he still worked, and so on. He also had the same psychologist as his kids. Why didn´t he help him? Hmm... I don´t know...he let his kids suffer because he didn´t want to suffer anymore. Hate that.  SPOILER END

2. The Epilogue was fine but I need more. The End was good but I really.need.more. What happens after? Will Ophelia magically get pregnant? She was young when she got the diagnosis. Maybe it was wrong? I definitely want to read more about this couple and also about the kids.

3. I want to read this journal. I hope there will be some novella or bonus content or whatever one day. I´m curious about the way Ronans wife looked at everything. How she felt. She dreamt of Sully- What exactly did she dream?

4. Sully:  SPOILER START The book said Connor´s birth certificate has Sullys name written on it and is mentioned as the father. It says his name because Ronan was Sully at the time. They couldn´t change it. So... well... Even if Sully wasn´t the biologial dad- he´d be responsible for the kid, because he´s officially the dad. So even if he didn´t want to take the kids, he would have to take at least Connor, right? I was wondering about that... SPOILER END

Somehow I wish there would be letters for the kids too. To explain. To tell them how much they were loved and so on.

As I already mentioned- I need more and hope I´ll get more to read about all those characters someday ;)

All in all- A book I really loved, enjoyed and can recommend :)


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