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3,5 Stars

To be honest...I probably wouldn´t have found this author and book if I wouldn´t do the RARE18 London Readers Challenge at the moment. I´m so glad I found this author. This book was really good and I will def. read more books by Cara Dee.

This book is about struggle, survival, fighting, life, love and trust. It´s about trying to make the best of your situation, trying to get better, trying to live. It´s a story about someone who got dealt a bad hand in life and someone who looks behind someones wall, someone who cares and who helps. This book is also about two human beings looking for happiness.

Domenic is a young man who is homeless and doing things he doesn´t really want to do. He´s struggling and "working" his ass off to get enough money for his daughter and to get him a bus ticket to her. He spent almost all his life on the streets, but the past year was the most difficult one for him. For his daughter he´d do everything. Finding a job to provide for her isn´t easy though. Especially if you´ve never graduated highschool and if you have no experience. Now, being in this new city/town and not knowing anything or anyone might have made the jobhunting and getting money more difficult. But then he gets an offer. A really good one. But can he trust this guy? Could he really refuse this offer? What happenes when he doesn´t? What would his decision mean for him and his daughter ? Could this offer mean that they could have a good life and a future? Who is this guy called Teach? Why did he want to help them? Could he even help them? Is he able to change Domenic? Could he make him feel something again? And what happenes when both will figure everything out?

Read and find out ;)

My Opinion:

I really liked this book. I loved the topic- It was different. The writing style was good.

I really liked those characters. Domenic- it was so easy to like and feel for and with him. I was able to understand why he did what he did. Him struggling,fighing and shutting himself down/ closing up to cope with everything... it was believable. Everything those characters did, thought and felt was believable. They seemed pretty real. I also liked how he put Thea first. I loved how much he loved her and how passionate he was about her wellbeing. He was a loving and caring dad and did everything he could to help her, even if it meant to have others hurt him. The only thing I was sad about was, that he more and more became this stereotypical gay man. He was so strong and manly and protective and so on at the beginning but the more he was with Teach, the more he seemed to become a "girl". I mean... I´m not against men crying if there are reasons but he was tearing up and crying so much then and some things he said or how he acted just reminded me of a sterotypical gay. it´s not a bad thing but it wasn´t the him from the beginning anymore.

I liked Teach/ Adrian and his big heart :) Loved how he was able to make them feel comfortable, how he helped Domenic with his life and a job and Thea. And even though Teach was scared to get hurt, he did everything anyway and even helped Domenic to feel again. He made him "human" again and helped him to open up. Teach was what Domenic and Thea needed.

Thea was the best. She was adorable <3 Especially with her being so special and "different". The way she communicated was sth I really was interested in reading about.

Billy was great too. Liked him and how he cared and put everyone above himself. I loved that he was a father figure to Domenic.

As I already mentioned- I liked the topic of the book. I loved how the main character was someone ppl would usually pass by on the street without a glance. The book showed the perspective of a homeless man and the reasons for it and what he did to survive. This time it wasn´t this typical rich man and also not this friendly next-door neighbour or college guy. This time it was just...a man.
I also loved how it showed that it sometimes just takes one human being to show interest, to care and to help to get someone from the street. It sometimes just takes one person to help someone to live a "normal" life (again), to become a member of society, to be important to someone, to dream of a future. This book made me feel and think. Loved it for it.

There were just a couple things that bothered me a tiny bit.
The story ended in the middle of the book. I was like: "Wait. What?! Where´s the rest? It can´t be over now!. I needed more. This wasn´t a proper ending for me. It just left me with a couple questions. The epilogue didn´t help with it either. It came right after the "end" and confused me. Who was this epilogue about? There was no name and the next book in this series doesn´t seem to be about this person from the epilogue. So who was it? At first I thought it was Willow, but that can´t be. If I remember correctly she wasn´t living at home anymore and was self employed. So... Yeah. I was left confused and unsatisfied. I also think it would have made a great ending of the book if Thea would have talked at least once.

I´m not sure if there will be more books with Domenic, Teach and Thea in the future, but I really hope there will be. Might find them in some other books of this series as well. guess I´ll have to read them to find out ;)

If you look for a change and sth. a bit different- this book might be the one for you. I can recommend it :) 


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