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  • Sexy, domestic bliss, low on the cheesy stuff

    The Half of Us (Family Collection) (Volume 1)


    15. February 2018 um 16:50 Rezension zu "The Half of Us (Family Collection) (Volume 1)" von Cardeno C.

    Since his divorce from his wife, Jason only does one-night-stands. He doesn't believe he can have a family with another man. One night be picks up Abe, a younger, shy man with an infectious laughter. A few month later they see each other again an Jason breaks his and asks for an encore. Jason becomes fascinated with Abe, and Abe is certainly not discouraging the attention. The sex is hot, after all, and slowly but surely things shift from just fucking to more. I liked this part better than the third book (Not sure why it shows up ...

  • Good style, the triad just fell flat

    More Than Everything: A MMM Contemporary Gay Romance (Family Collection)


    14. February 2018 um 21:58 Rezension zu "More Than Everything: A MMM Contemporary Gay Romance (Family Collection)" von Cardeno C.

    Dancer Charlie loved twice in his live. The first was his neighbor as a teenager, kind, gorgeous jock Scott, who moved away to go to college. Later he fell for the prickly, over-confident Adan, who was ashamed of Charlie's effeminate manner. Suddenly, the two men Charlie loved show up at his doorstep, now themselves a couple, and they want him back.I have to say, this is not quite what I expected. I like triangle relationship books a lot, but this was different, since it started out with each of the couples separately, so it's ...

  • Sweet, slow romance with a twist

    Not a Game


    02. February 2018 um 08:42 Rezension zu "Not a Game" von Cardeno C.

    Oliver just moved to Seattle for a new job. He's shy, reclusive and didn't date much and now he wants to change that, too. Since he feels his sexual inexperience is a major strike against him, together with his weight and looks, he's hired an escort to teach him some tricks.Jamie sees the prefect guy for him at a bar, but when he tries to chat him up, he finds himself confused for an escort. But Oliver's adorably shy confessions draw him in and he decides to play along instead of clearing up the mistake. Oh, this is just so ...

  • starke, wunderschöne Liebesgeschichte

    Stark Genug


    27. January 2018 um 15:13 Rezension zu "Stark Genug" von Cardeno C.

    Was für eine tolle, schnörkellose LiebesgeschichteEmilio, jung, mutig, stark, selbstbewußt verliebt sich in Spence: zurückgezogener Nerd, ohne Selbstvertrauen, schüchtern. Die beiden haben wirklich Null Gemeinsamkeiten.Doch sie ergänzen sich grandios:Spencer hat ein altes Haus, Emilio ist ein SuperhandwerkerSepncer ist sehr zurückhaltend, Emilio voller sprudelnder Lebensfreude. Spencer kann kochen, Emilio liebt gutes Essen.Mit einem Wort perfekt. Emilio weiss was er will und wie er es bekommt.Er überfährt Spencer wie eine ...

  • Eine ziemliche Enttäuschung

    More Than Everything (Family Collection) (Volume 2)


    28. October 2017 um 14:00 Rezension zu "More Than Everything (Family Collection) (Volume 2)" von Cardeno C.

    Das Cover ist irgendwie niedlich. Es stört mich nicht mal, dass die Leute halb nackt sind, weil sie auf unschuldige Art intim wirken."More than everything" bezeichnet wohl die Intensität der Liebe der Figuren untereinander. So gesehen passt der Titel wohl, wenn man die Geschichte mag.Sinngemäß ist der Roman in drei Teile aufgeteilt: Der erste Teil dreht sich um Chase und Scott, der zweite um Chase und Adan. Im letzten Drittel geht es selbstverständlich um alle drei zusammen. Hauptsächlich tritt Chase als Ich-Erzähler auf, aber ...

  • This book needed a bit of getting accustomed to on my side.

    In Another Life & Eight Days: A Contemporary Gay Romance


    19. April 2017 um 16:49 Rezension zu "In Another Life & Eight Days: A Contemporary Gay Romance" von Cardeno C.

    The stories are short, and the characters are not as fascinating as the ones in her other books. That´s not saying I did not like it, just that they were a bit different and it didn´t feel quite as right as it was with the others. It´s okay, but I won´t read it twice.

  • All of me

    All of Me: An Alpha Shifter Gay Romance


    17. April 2017 um 20:37 Rezension zu "All of Me: An Alpha Shifter Gay Romance" von Cardeno C.

    Kai and Abel are meant for each other. To be mated on Kai's 18. birthday, they want to unite their packs. However, everything changes once Kai's birthday arrives. During the following years, devastation arises. Abel, Alpha of his pack but without any belief in love anymore, lives in the shadow of what ifs.  The mates reunite years later only to find out that a good portion of their beliefs has been wrong. Together, they set out to seek revenge for Kai's lost youth and both their lives.   Seeing that I am already fan of Cardeno ...

  • Hope Series

    McFarland's Farm: A Contemporary Gay Romance (Hope)


    17. April 2017 um 20:35 Rezension zu "McFarland's Farm: A Contemporary Gay Romance (Hope)" von Cardeno C.

    A great albeit short book. The story is heartfelt, even if some actions  seem a bit abrupt - only due to the book's shortness.  I like both characters.

  • More than everything - Cardeno C.

    More Than Everything (Family Collection) (Volume 2)


    17. April 2017 um 20:33 Rezension zu "More Than Everything (Family Collection) (Volume 2)" von Cardeno C.

    This is a story about loss and gain and, of course, love. Featuring three beautiful men, this book is one of the author's longer ones. You get to know three entirely different men ery close while reading, getting to witness their (life) choices. Whilst Charlie is the most prominent of them with the mayor storytelling part, the other two are not far behind. The story is told by them.   Sometimes, this book is very heavy, but it is also funny and lighthearted. In a roundabout way of things an excellent read.

  • Family Collection 1

    The Half of Us (Family Collection) (Volume 1)


    17. April 2017 um 20:28 Rezension zu "The Half of Us (Family Collection) (Volume 1)" von Cardeno C.

    Nearly relationship - phobic after having been burned once, Jason spends his nights in the hospital he works in and nightclubs - but only as long as it takes to pick someone up. That changes when he meets Abe, a maths teacher. Well, not immediatly, but the sudden urge to see Abe again after the first night surely says something. Jason once dreamed of a family and a wedded relationship like his parents have it. But could he have it again?    Cardeno C. at her best in one of her longer stories (part of the... series). Ash and ...

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