The Half of Us (Family Collection) (Volume 1)

von Cardeno C. 
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The Half of Us (Family Collection) (Volume 1)
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Sexy and quiet romance with no angst or drama. Awesome characters.

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Inhaltsangabe zu "The Half of Us (Family Collection) (Volume 1)"

If short-tempered Jason can open his heart and life to optimistic Abe, he might finally find the family he craves. Short-tempered, arrogant heart surgeon Jason Garcia grew up wanting a close-knit family, but believes he ruined those dreams when he broke up his marriage. The benefit of divorce is having as much random sex as he wants, and it's a benefit Jason is exploiting when he meets a sweet, shy man at a bar and convinces him to go home for a no-strings-attached night of fun. Eight years living in Las Vegas hasn't dimmed Abe Green's optimism, earnestness, or desire to find the one. When a sexy man with lonely eyes propositions him, Abe decides to give himself a birthday present—one night of spontaneous fun with no thoughts of the future. But one night turns into two and then three, and Abe realizes his heart is involved. For the first time, Abe feels safe enough with someone he respects and adores to let go of his inhibitions in the bedroom. If Jason can get past his own inhibitions and open his heart and his life to Abe, he might finally find the family he craves.


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    Sakukos avatar
    Sakukovor 8 Monaten
    Kurzmeinung: Sexy and quiet romance with no angst or drama. Awesome characters.
    Sexy, domestic bliss, low on the cheesy stuff

    Since his divorce from his wife, Jason only does one-night-stands. He doesn't believe he can have a family with another man. One night be picks up Abe, a younger, shy man with an infectious laughter. A few month later they see each other again an Jason breaks his and asks for an encore.
    Jason becomes fascinated with Abe, and Abe is certainly not discouraging the attention. The sex is hot, after all, and slowly but surely things shift from just fucking to more.

    I liked this part better than the third book (Not sure why it shows up as #1, this is #4, I haven't read 1 & 2 though).

    This is a rather quiet book, if you discount all the sex scenes. It's pretty much just smoking hot sexy times with great dirty talk and a rough edge and quiet domesticity. A lot of people call it fluffy, which is true in execution, if not in language, if you know what I mean. There is no lengthy spouting of love declarations or sappy dialog, it's all in what they do and share. Hell, even Jason's filthy innuendo can end up being sweet. And it's almost entirely drama and angst free.
    Even though Jason was very much against relationships in the beginning, he just slides into the one with Abe without really noticing, and when he does notice, instead of freaking out or drawing back, he things about it and is ok with it, which was actually pretty awesome. I wondered why Abe didn't just talk to Jason about some of the stuff earlier (or at all), though. It's not like Abe was afraid something bad would happen. He just kinda seemed to enjoy to wait for Jason to figure it out.

    I really liked the characters. Abe just might be a bit too perfect. Sweet, understanding, clever, patient, endless sex drive, great with kids, everything. I can't think of a single character flaw on him...
    I liked Jason more. He has made a lot of mistakes, but he is capable of learning from them, he has a quick temper, loves silly innuendo, bit absent-minded. He felt a lot more human than Abe and very much sympathetic since he actually has to overcome his difficulties, instead of being perfect like Abe. ;)
    But the side characters are great too. I complained that in the third part of the series the kids where pretty much just window dressing. That is not the case here. They feel like actual people with personality and problems and they are a relevant part of the plot and the narrative, even though we don't get to see them much in the first half of the book or so. The ex-wife is also great, witty and understanding. She pushes Jason, but she's supportive.

    Makarias avatar
    Makariavor 2 Jahren
    Kurzmeinung: Great
    Family Collection 1

    Nearly relationship - phobic after having been burned once, Jason spends his nights in the hospital he works in and nightclubs - but only as long as it takes to pick someone up. That changes when he meets Abe, a maths teacher. Well, not immediatly, but the sudden urge to see Abe again after the first night surely says something. Jason once dreamed of a family and a wedded relationship like his parents have it. But could he have it again? 


    Cardeno C. at her best in one of her longer stories (part of the... series). Ash and Daniel from p.e. More than Everything make a reappearance. Jason needs to pull his head out of the sand first, but there is very hot sex afterwards.


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