Ein Neuer Auftrag in Cairo mit Ramses Erneuerer der Geburt: Dreharbeiten im Hilton Nile , bei den ISIS-rebel-girls vor den Toren Kairos (Book 2 Ramses fantasy)

von Carlos Julian La Paz 
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Ein Neuer Auftrag in Cairo mit Ramses Erneuerer der Geburt: Dreharbeiten im Hilton Nile , bei den ISIS-rebel-girls vor den Toren Kairos (Book 2 Ramses fantasy)
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Inhaltsangabe zu "Ein Neuer Auftrag in Cairo mit Ramses Erneuerer der Geburt: Dreharbeiten im Hilton Nile , bei den ISIS-rebel-girls vor den Toren Kairos (Book 2 Ramses fantasy)"

Fantasy novel 1986 CARLOS JULIAN LaPaz A NEW CONTRACT IN CAIRO ……….RAMSES RENEWAL OF BIRTH Slave MORGIANA “ Ali Baba and 40 thieves “ Arabian Nights ..800 before christ. -draws a dagger and stabs it through chest of gangleader ...today in occident reincarnated as arabic interpreter CYNTHIA ALL accompanies munich film-team to Cairo. ... Rebel RAMSES former Pharao 1984 roves homeless through Cairos slums.. nauseated at every thought of power. Beyond the gates of Cairo in the middle of desert, ISISGIRLS with ringleader Fatima confer to defend their culture against Christian propaganda project. from AL- ASHAR Minarett origin of islamic science A horrifying plunge causes death to ANGELA BARBARS'S woman film manager .... at the shores ot the Nile...Cynthia is followed by Ramses, this creates a night of romance + wins her for rebel projects.. at the feet of the Pyramid in morning aurora, a plunge to death of Angela Barbar , due to malicious trauma + chopped off hand causes trouble at filmteam residing at NILE Hilton .. ... in top circles General SIAD pontiff under Ramses today chief of counter espionage leads the army of archer youth guiding the fate of EGYPT ... secretly monitors details on film...? who will be safe of Siad..?! .. is he subordinated to Ramses like in forgotten times..? Monsieur MOUSSA former MOSES! watchguard censor of islamic faith acts as custody over christian filmcrew... sabotages naked bible scenes starring chief reporter EVA. East german spy Hans Peter Dell causes confusion, camouflaged as actor in competition for camera close -ups.. In remote village beyond Cairo starts entanglement today and history....soap opera events on set and hilton Nile guide to a dream coming true.....out in desert oasis, american jewish tourist reborn primeval mother SARAH, is tormented by visions of AUSSCHWITZ. Under the eyes of laughing arabs and surrounded by gauking camels drinks last can of Coke. SEMY desert rebel count rescues SARAH with steamy hot love in desert sand..from victim fate ..! CYNTHIAs fate in distraction to desert ISIS rebelgirls and Hilton-nile suffers the dangerous entanglement of General Siad , becomes messanger of rebels.. at the Heliopolis Airport the HOLY DUNG BEETHE shoves up the fate of the world in a rolled up ball of dung, approaches to the solution dangerously down below.... shows up in camouflaged shape.... Cynthia ALL--reborn slave MORGIANA ..of 900 b.c. in times of the Abasids . 1984 arabic translater age28 blackblue hair as reporter speaks arab perfect...+ accompanies filmcrew of director Angela Barbar to Cairo. .....RAMSES. 20 year old legendary young Pharao ravishingly pretty, of forgotten times 1300 b.c. today lives as homeless rebell in Cairo.. beeing nauseated at every thought of power. traces Cynthia up, after love night, introduces her to the circle of Stigmatized in the desert. ISISGIRLs beyond the gates of Cairo, rebell girls group with ringleader * FATIMA in charge of fiery advocate of eastern heir. FATIMA ringleader ISISgirls, operate in metropolis Cairo. film crew: checks in at Hilton Nile...EVA POL diplomatic behave..reborn biblical Eva , head reporter of german tabloid magazin , performs as actress in epic women lib drama of ANGELA BARBAR filmdirector from munich suffers chokeholds of dead mother, wife of the renown prize winner ADOLF BARBAR he shots a Jesus drama in Beirut amidst civil war. Angelas film is financed by the bathroom industry. Piet Angelas Lover age 23 , former archer youth of General Siad..Andrea Schnitt secretary of Eva, big bossom, devoted to adventure, Ernst Hausmer , director of fotographie overconscious of outfit -renown professioal , Walter Mautz prestigious actor and womanizer ....MarY young actres+crybaby, Jesus erwin DEll german actor in Beirut lowbrow rebellious, senses international stardom, german talents Jesus+ Mary hide their fate and trauma with booze and a "flood" of US Dollars.“


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