Caroline Crane Coast of Fear


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Coast of Fear“ von Caroline Crane

Jessica Hayden’s best friend, a lovely French girl, is killed by a mugger on an American College campus. Now Jessica has traveled to the Riviera, where the slain girl lived, to pay a sympathy call on her family. But someone doesn’t want her there. She is stalked by a man whom she recognizes as one of the last to visit her friend. Her hotel room is searched, and acts of violence follow. By now it is clear that her friend’s death was much more than a senseless mugging. Whatever the reason, Jessica is involved, but she does not know how or why. With Jessica’s life in danger, two men—one a charming American, the other a dazzling Frenchman—both claim they want to help her, but who can she trust? Who is the shadowy enemy that wants her dead, and why? It’s up to Jessica to save herself, and when she thinks the terror is finally over, she discovers it’s only beginning. Here, set on the beautiful French Riviera, is a compelling story of romance and terror that twists and turns to a surprising climax.

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