Free bleeding - Lea's COMIC DIARY for a pain-free period without sanitary towels, tampons, etc.

Free bleeding - Lea's COMIC DIARY for a pain-free period without sanitary towels, tampons, etc.
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Inhaltsangabe zu "Free bleeding - Lea's COMIC DIARY for a pain-free period without sanitary towels, tampons, etc."

It’s Lea’s time of the month. She hardly ever uses sanitary towels, tampons or other hygiene products anymore.
Curious? Then read Lea’s comic diary!
It shows you exactly how free bleeding works. And because Lea can relax during her product-free period, she also doesn’t get any pain.
Just copy Lea’s example! You will find space to practice and collect your ideas in the comic diary. And after your first product-free period cycle you’ll experience the WOW effect. Want to bet?

This is Lea. ... 5
Periods - what are they? ... 6
What is free bleeding? ... 8
Great, you want to take part! ... 10
Sunday, 29th cycle day and 1st cycle day ... 15
What do you know about the start of your cycle? ... 17
Last minute menstruation help ... 19
Monday, 2nd cycle day: Night time disturbance ... 21
Monday morning: Hurry up now! ... 22
Try it: How does TP work for you? ... 25
Bloating... what now? ... 27
Let’s go outside! ... 28
Which clothes do you like the best at the moment? ... 29
My lower belly is super sensitive. ... 31
Who needs old mucous membrane? ... 32
What do you like best? ... 33
Breakfast hunger ... 34
Being free feels so good. ... 36
What is the best way to relax? ... 37
How I used to be ... 39
My husband cooked. ... 40
Gone walkabout. ... 41
Have you also had a bit of a mishap? ... 41
Overflow and stopping leaks ... 42
Yoga and sauna: Tampon management ... 42
Which method do you use instead of free bleeding? ... 45
Back home ... 46
Getting ready to sleep ... 46
What do you do at night? ... 47
Tuesday, 3rd cycle day: Slept well ... 48
To the train station ... 49
And on the go? ... 49
Off to the stables ... 50
Self-rolled tampon ... 51
Wednesday, 4th cycle day: Spotting starts ... 52
Bike trip to the countryside ... 53
It’s coming to an end. ... 54
My period is almost over ... 55
Thursday, 5th cycle day: Almost finished ... 56
One last little bit ... 56
Finally had a bowel movement again ... 57
What have you learned about your digestion? ... 58
6th and 7th cycle days: ... 59
An end and a new beginning ... 59
Your free bleeding and its phases ... 61
Period phase 0: The feeling that something is going to happen ... 62
Period phase 1: Shedding begins ... 62
Period phase 2: The floodgates are opened ... 63
Period phase 3: Orderly clean up ... 64
Period phase 4: Leaking and spotting ... 64
Period phase 5: Clean mucus lining is restored ... 65
Now record your free bleeding! ... 66
Committing to free bleeding without products? ... 81

Caroline suffered from period pain until she discovered Free bleeding. She is author, publisher ( and mother of three future free bleeders.
She also wrote "My Time of the Month - Cycle Chart","Luxury private birth - Home birth in words and images" (German edition) and "C-Section Moms - Caesarean mothers in words and photographs".


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