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Inhaltsangabe zu „Seismic Shift (Kindle Single)“ von Carolyn Nash

When a massive earthquake strikes, divorcing couple Callie and Peter Carson's one thought is to reach their 4-year-old son. As they move through the rubble of their small town, sights and sounds trigger visions of a previous trauma for Callie. Can they put aside their differences long enough to reach their boy? Can Callie struggle through the tide of memory that threatens to swamp her sanity? Will the earthquake force both of them to see through the rage and disappointment of their marriage to what is truly important?

Das Buch gibt es jetzt auch als deutsche Übersetzung mit dem Titel "Der Boden unter unseren Füßen"

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    Seismic Shift (Kindle Single)


    17. July 2013 um 15:31

    Baymont, a small town in California. People know each other. Callie and Peter Carson are preparing their divorse at a laywer`s office when an earthquake rocks the town. Buildings and cars are smashed, people dead or wounded. Callie and Peter decide to put aside all hatred, going to find their little son who`s in a day care. More than once they are facing the choice helping injured and trapped inhabitants or continuing the search for Denny.It`s a traumatic situation, triggering memories, Callie had not realized for a long time. Maybe she`s still in love with Peter and maybe you have to hate someone first before you can really love him. Like in "The Trunk key" the author illuminates only e few hours in people`s live, an extraordinary situation with a high density of incidents. So again it`s kind of a short story. There are three central thoughts within the story climbs to it`s end: Maybe you have to love someone first before you can hate them, do you have to hate yourself in order to hate someone else?, Maybe you have to hate someone before you can love him. Again the reader is confronted with a traumatic experience in her childhood, the protagonist Callie is still suffering from. Well, I had to re-read the story `cause I could`nt make up my mind, whether it might be possible that someone who feels guilty for a death of a person would never be able to accept his partner`s love, declining to destroy instead of building up a relationship. Surprisingly the earthquake brings up the hidden memories, and clears the way for maybe a new start in relationship. Well, maybe it`s not unlikely to happen. Besides I really liked the description of the town, it`s Victorian style, it`s decline `cause people gave up shopping locally. And it`s worth mentioning that the style of description lets you stand among the people, amidst the action, able to feel, smell, hear. This is brilliantly performed.

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