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Autor von The Museum of You, A Song for Issy Bradley und weiteren Büchern.

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Die Engländerin Carys Bray hat bereits mehrere preisgekrönte Erzählungen geschrieben, für ihren ersten, in Deutschland bislang nicht veröffentlichten Roman »A Song for Issy Bradley« wurde sie für mehrere namhafte Preise nominiert, unter anderem den Costa Award. »The Museum of You« ist ihr zweiter Roman. Sie lebt mit ihrem Mann und ihren vier Kindern in Southport.

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Cover des Buches Das Zimmer der verlorenen Träume (ISBN:9783959674218)

Das Zimmer der verlorenen Träume

Erscheint am 24.03.2020
Cover des Buches The Museum of You (ISBN:9780091959616)

The Museum of You

Erschienen am 16.06.2016
Cover des Buches A Song for Issy Bradley (ISBN:9780099591870)

A Song for Issy Bradley

Erschienen am 01.01.2015

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Carys Bray - The Museum of You
miss_mesmerizedvor 3 Jahren

The summer she is 12 years old will change a lot for Clover Quinn. She has been living alone with her father all her life, her mother died only six weeks after her birth. There is still a room in their house where her father keeps all the belongings of his beloved wife he never could get rid of. Now, Clover ventures into the room and inspects the items. After having visited a museum with her school, she decides to become a curator herself and to set up an exhibition about her mother. She carefully selects the items and – just like in any other museum – writes accompanying notes for them. The more she advances with her work, the more she knows about her mother, or invents when she does not have any information. Yet, there are blanks which will only be filled when her father sees the museum fir the first time – but this moment ends not as planned.

“The Museum of You” is a really heart-breaking novel about – well, that’s the question. It is about love in different shapes, about friendship and family relationships. But it is also about death and loss and how to cope with it. This extreme combination makes it an emotionally loaded novel which oscillates between the exuberant love the characters sometimes feel, especially Darren for his daughter, and the emptiness because all of them suffer from the loss they have never overcome.

The story line is marked by flashbacks, Darren recollects the time with Becky, thus only slowly the whole picture unfolds and the reader learns how and especially why she died. This is definitely the hardest part of the story. Becky is never a real character in the story but the scenes after Clover’s birth are striking.

Clover of course is the most lovable protagonist you can imagine. She is clever and meticulous when it comes to her museum. Her friendship with Dagmar takes some time to develop, but she is sympathetic and open-minded which allows her so bond with the young Hungarian. Concerning her grandfather and her uncle, two men with severe problems, her carefreeness permits her to interact with them, ignore what has to be ignored and find the right words to talk to them. With her father things are more complicated, the one thing she need she cannot articulate. But this does not reduce her love for him and the way he is – even though he is different from all other dads she knows. Darren, the male protagonist, could be seen as somebody who never achieved something in his life. He always postpones things, lives in a mess and has some difficulties in showing affection. On the other hand, he does what has to be done, he is what you could call a “good person”, he puts himself last and his love for Becky and Clover seems to be limitless. He would do everything for them – isn’t that all that counts in life, to love somebody?

The novel really surprised me, I did not expect so much depth in. Additionally, Carys Bray found their perfect words in describing the characters with so much love and never judging them even if some character traits are not that favourable. 


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