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Hammers on Bone (Persons Non Grata)

Hammers on Bone (Persons Non Grata)

Erschienen am 11.10.2016
A Song for Quiet (Persons Non Grata)

A Song for Quiet (Persons Non Grata)

Erschienen am 29.08.2017

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Lovecraftian noir, grim and horrific but splendid language.
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John Persons works as a private investigator, a real 1920th relic in the modern times, and not quite human either. A boy asks him to kill his stepdad. Not his usual kind of work, but the stepdad is a monster, and the boys are afraid for their live. And the best bet to kill a monster is after all another monster.

I find this hard to rate. The book feels a bit... striped down. Just the most basic storyline, not a lot of exposition or world building, but enough world to make me wish there was more, since it feels very interesting.

I liked the language, which is very metaphorical and descriptive in a grim, dark and dirty sort of way, but the 1920th P.I. vernacular threw me for a loop in the beginning.
The story is quite pulp, full of grim attitude, gore and horror in several ways. The pulp and noir elements aren't usually my style, but I thought they did work well for this story.

I thought the story just keeps giving you more questions than answers, though, and I did not understand it as much as I felt the author expected me to, which I always find frustrating. But it might have to do with the shortness and bareness of the story itself, I'm not sure.

All in all I did enjoy the book, and was very happy with the amount of lovecraftian lore used. Most books are rather vague in borrowing from him, but this one is quite clear and unapologetic about it, which I liked.


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