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Jean-Pierre Cassely, born in Marseille and living in Cassis, spent ten years working for the French television network, France 3, before becoming an independent in the field of television, video and sound (together with his long-time partner Philippe Carrese). One day in Paris, he had an eye-opening experience. A series of visits revealed to him the secrets of the Ile-Saint-Louis, the hidden corners of Montmartre , and the black humour lurking in Pere Lachaise cemetery. Returning home to Provence by train, Jean-Pierre was already thinking about all the anecdotes he had collected or could collect about his own native region. He proceeded to explore the village of Cassis, the the cities and towns of Marseille, Aix, Sanary and, most recently, Toulon. His commentaries concerning his discoveries, broadcast daily on France Bleue Provence radio, under the apt title of ‘Unusual Provence’, took a humorous and sometimes provocative ‘popular-historical’ approach. Further information on these astonishing accounts can be found at:

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