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In Catherine Lowell s smart and original debut novel, the only remaining descendant of the Bronte family embarks on a modern-day literary scavenger hunt to find the family s long-rumored secret estate, using only the clues her eccentric father left behind, and the Brontes own novels. Samantha Whipple is used to stirring up speculation wherever she goes. Since her father s untimely death, she is the presumed heir to a long-rumored trove of diaries, paintings, letters, and early novel drafts passed down from the Bronte family a hidden fortune never revealed to anyone outside of the family, but endlessly speculated about by Bronte scholars and fanatics. Samantha, however, has never seen this alleged estate and for all she knows, it s just as fictional as "Jane Eyre" or "Wuthering Heights. " Yet everything changes when Samantha enrolls at Oxford University and long lost objects from the past begin rematerializing in her life. Her father s distinctive copy of "Jane Eyre," which should have perished in the fire that claimed his life, mysteriously appears on Samantha s bed. Annotated in her father s handwriting, the book is the first of many clues in an elaborate scavenger hunt derived from the world s greatest literature. With the help of a handsome but inscrutable professor, Samantha must plunge into a vast literary mystery and an untold family legacy, one that can only be solved by decoding the clues hidden within the Brontes own writing. For readers who devoured "The Weird Sisters "and "Special Topics in Calamity Physics," "The Madwoman Upstairs" is a suspenseful, exhilarating debut by an exciting new talent who offers a moving exploration of what it means when the greatest truth is, in fact, fiction."
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  • Catherine Lowell - The Madwoman Upstairs

    The Madwoman Upstairs


    12. March 2016 um 07:43

    Samantha Whipple comes to Oxford to study literature. Yet, she is not a student like any other. As the last descendant of the famous Bronte family, she soon attracts much more attention than she wants. Albeit schooled at home by her father and always exposed to literature and its analysis, she struggles with her professor and his demands and expectations. But it is not only the interest in books that brought her to the old university, her father must have left her a legacy when he died, his will is not very clear, so she not only indulges in the Bronte novels but also in a quest of her family inheritance.I really enjoyed reading Catherine Lowell’s novel because the cleverly integrates the famous classics and discussions about them in the plot without forgetting her readers and over-exaggerating the literary analysis. The main character, Samantha, is interestingly drawn, she is neither the superhero nor the plain bookworm, but a young woman with a strong will and insecurity at the same time. Of course, the obligatory love story also finds its way into the novel. The only aspects I see a bit critical is the fact that there are masses of coincidences which make the story rather improbable. However, the style of writing keeps you reading on and enjoying it.

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