Cecelia Ahern The Marble Collector


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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Marble Collector“ von Cecelia Ahern

A forgotten childhood. A discovered life. What if you only had one day to find out who you really were? When Sabrina Boggs stumbles upon a mysterious collection of her father’s possessions, she discovers a truth where she never knew there was a lie. The familiar man she grew up with is suddenly a stranger to her. An unexpected break in her monotonous daily routine leaves her just one day to unlock the secrets of the man she thought she knew. A day that unearths memories, stories and people she never knew existed. A day that changes her and those around her forever. The Marble Collector is a thought-provoking novel about how the most ordinary decisions we make can have the most extraordinary consequences for how we live our lives. And how sometimes it’s only by shining on a light on someone else, that you can truly understand yourself.

My favourite book by Cecilia Ahern :)

— lizzie123

Zu Beginn etwas holprig, aber mit zunehmender Seitenzahl packte mich die Neugier: Wer war Fergus Boggs wirklich?

— Regenblumen

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  • My favourite book by Cecilia Ahern

    The Marble Collector


    20. August 2016 um 09:39

    „Sometimes it`s the people closest to us that we know least.“Sabrina Boggs has a seemingly uneventful life und always waits for something to happen. One day she stumbles upon a mysterious collection of her father`s belongings und she searches for answers about a man she thought she knew a man who can`t no longer remember his own story. Finally Sabrina uncovers far bigger secrets than she could have imagined - in just one single day.I really liked about the book that the story was told by both Sabrina and her father Fergus in turns. Their feelings were both very believable. Fergus actions are understandable because it has to be very hard to hide something that is very important to oneself for such a long time. But it is hardly surprising that finding out about his secrets makes Sabrina insecure about really knowing her father - and herself. She finds out that they are very similar to each other. So both protagonists are likable persons and round characters, especially Sabrina`s development is interesting.I found it a bit unrealistic that the whole story happens in a single day although that gives the story a particular charm.But her style of writing was good and I liked the cover very much (even though her covers are always pretty).Conclusion:„The Marble Collector“ is very different to Cecilia Ahern`s other books and that was something I really liked about it. I read many of her books and none of them were bad but this one I really liked. It is definitely my favourite book of hers and the story was authentic, emotional and really touched me.