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Kiss Me Darkly

Kiss Me Darkly

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Unusual and entertaining
IraWiravor 3 Jahren

This book is ...a bit different. For a rather long time I wasn't really sure whether I liked it or not because I felt that I was missing a lot due to the style in which it is written.
While Dinah Belle, when she meets Graham Abernathy, sees an opportunity for a thorough research on the subject of love and the chance to cure this destructive emotion, Graham Abernathy is not very willing to be cured of his heartbreak. Despite that he agrees to go along with her scheme.
The two meet occasionally over the course of some years and share quite a number of letters concerning Dinah's latest theories on how to defeat this fatal malady called love. Useless to say that she is not really successful in curing Graham but, well, something changes for sure...

The story and the style are rather unusual which makes the book an interesting reading experience and I was really astonished how well the characters are developed despite the fact that the reader jumps from event to event and has to fill in many things for himself. Even though the letters links the occasions when Dinah and Graham meet somewhat there are still big gaps and that's where I felt I was missing something. The book being a romance it made sense that Dinah and Graham fell in love over the course of the years but you couldn't really feel it.
On the whole I couldn't connect well with the characters and felt a bit detached.
Nevertheless I enjoyed reading the book.


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