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Dark Protector

Dark Protector

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This was my first book by Celia Aaron and def. not my last.

I´m currently totally in the mood for dark reads and this one didn´t dissapoint.

I loved the story and I connected with the characters pretty fast. I couldn´t put the book down and read it from start till end- in one day- in a couple of hours.

Everything seemed logical and believable, I had no questions left, although a few things (not many) were a bit confusing. For example: I could swear I read that Charlie had blue eyes at the beginning of the story and later one it was mentioned she had hazel eyes. I don´t know if I just imagined it but I am too lazy to look it up :P But that´s ok. The title fits perfectly to the story and the characters feelings.

Conrad : Hot! Sexy! Love him
Charlie: Secret Badass
Nate: Funny (would love to read more about him)

I really can´t complain much about this book. But...I don´t know... I was missing sth. In my opinion, this book could have been a bit darker. It was a great read but my heart wasn´t pounding because I was scared or because it was so exiting or thrilling. Charlies backgroundstory with Brandon also could have been - I don´t know how to put it-... more psycho? Sexscenes were fine, although I wouldn´t have minded to have them a bit hotter ;) Oh and I think there were a few repeated (not identical) phrases like: The first time I saw you, the first time I saw you, the first time I saw you. But that´s fine. It didn´t bother me much. I loved the way both characters connected and how they found to each other. I loved how he changed bit after bit for her and because of her. A bit of the story was predictable, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Oh and the Acknowledgements at the end: made me laugh :D

So all in all: I enjoyed this book and I´m glad to own a signed copy of it :) :P

p.s.: Sorry- I´m bad in pointing out the things I loved about books- the negative things are easier to remember, although I wouldn´t say those points mentioned above (for this book) are really negative or too negative ;)


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