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Inhaltsangabe zu „Pirates!“ von Celia Rees

Action-packed piratical adventure by bestselling and award-winning author Celia Rees (Quelle:'Flexibler Einband/01.07.2009')

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    25. April 2015 um 17:00

    I read some wonderful books by Celia Rees and had heard some good reviews about "Pirates!", but I was kind of disappointed when I finished it. Story: When Nancys father, a wealthy merchant, dies, she is sent to his estate in Jamaica by her brothers. Among the slaves on the plantages she has to settle in this new life, but she is disgusted by the way the slaves are treated and her brothers afforts to make her marry an unpleasant man. Being in love with Will, a poor boy she has known all her life, Nancy flees with two slaves.  Their journey has just begun and she and Miranda not only become best friends, but end up as pirates sailing the oceans, always followed by the man who is not willing to let Nancy go that easily. I though I'd like this book. Rees wrote one of my favourite books, "Witch Child" and as I like books like "Treasure Island" I though this pirate theme book would be something I could enjoy. However, I ended up longing for the end of this book. The beginning was rather long and boring, the real "action" only started about half way through the book. The slavery was an important part of the first half of the book and I think it is important to show how badly some people like you and me were treated back then and to not let there be any place for racism in our world. But these good thoughts were soon overshadowed by the still boring parts on the sea. I like reading about pirates and the rough life on sea and this book was just too superficial for me. Maybe I'm too old to enjoy it, even if this has not often been a problem when I read YA-books. I don't want to only say negative things about the book. I love Miranda, I admire her strengh, how she never gave up even in the worst situations and I was very happy for her in the end. The two of the being female pirates is one of the idea I like and they mostly managed to keep up with the men on the ship and on land, which is brilliant and shows that being a woman is not at all a obstacle. I had more of a problem with Nancy. Her unintelligible wish to keep the earrings ended up endangering all the people she cares for. I know she is just a teenager, but this was not wise at all and could have spared her much pain. I give this book 3 of 5 pirate-ships. 

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