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    Fire with Fire


    18. May 2015 um 01:48

    First off - if you don't count Orson Scott Card, this is only my second SciFi novel, so I don't have a lot of comparison. I bought this, because I decided to read the Nebula Award nominees. I got into the story quite fast, and it was a good and fun read.  It was not exactly what I was expecting - especially in the beginning it felt more like a spy/action novel with cold storage units, than SciFi.  It's only in the second half. that we get to see a bit of a spaceship, and meet more then the one single "Alien" from the first half.  I liked both parts, and especially that the POV characters all got greek code names, and the chapters therefore are headed "Odysseus" or "Circe" and so on. But I also had some problems with the book. The main character Caine is - simply said - perfect. Too perfect. He get's minimal training, but he manages to stay on top of every situation throughout the book, and of course all women love him. I missed a bit more "spacey" stuff ;) I love Star Trek, Doctor Who and such TV series, so I missed my "warp drives" "quantum fluctuations" and such. The Aliens were a bit stereotype for me. All in all I would have wanted to give 3,5 half stars, but since that's not possible I'll round it up to 4 stars.