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Inhaltsangabe zu „(THE ATROCITY ARCHIVES) BY STROSS, CHARLES(AUTHOR)Paperback Jan-2009“ von Charles Stross

Parallel universes, lovecraftian monsters, computers and math. An interesting mix of action, bureaucracy, magic and IT

— Sakuko

Unglaublich gut, eins meiner absoluten Lieblingsbücher. Cthulhu-Mythos trifft auf James Bond und alles auf sehr britische Art

— Timmytoby
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  • An interesting mix of action, bureaucracy, magic and IT



    24. October 2017 um 13:53

    Bob Howard is just another IT-guy in the laundry, the really secret agency that keeps magic a secret from everyone. But since all magic is based on mathematical formula and computer power, Bob's nerd skills are actually uniquely useful for the laundry and so he gets drafted as a field agent. The job of trying to get an British professor in America back home without much fuss turns into an abduction and human sacrifice case, and suddenly Bob is in the middle of more action than he'd ever wanted to see.I simply loved this to bits. Well, it was recommended by my husband, who knows very well what I like.So, it's an interesting mixture of lovecraftian horror, fantasy-action, math and IT. I love unusual magic systems, and magic as the forces of parallel universes tapped into via mathematical calculations and computer power is pretty new (too me, at least) and very fun. I loved the mix with old-fashioned summoning techniques and the modernization that's been done.The book spouts a lot of mathematical and technical jargon. One doesn't need to understand it all to get the gist of it, but it's very nice when one does, makes you feel in the know.The book is split into two separate stories. The eponymous Atrocity Archives was originally published serialized. I thought the start was a bit slow, and while I got into the individual chapters, I always needed a break after each one. The first chapters felt more like individual stories and it lacked a bit of the flow of a proper novel, it only got more complete about half way in. I liked concrete jungle a lot more from the start, because it was a lot more captivating going in and the story was more tightly told. That's said, I thought the endings where rather weak for both of them, though for different reasons.I did like how the stories build upon one another even those they are completely independent stories, though.I like Bob a lot. I like his spunky defiance, sarcastic tone and nerdy cleverness though I felt he was a bit too perfect most of the time. He didn't really feel like a tech guy turned field agent to me, the agent part came out a bit strong at times.Regardless, I thought the book was immensely entertaining and fun to read despite all the small details I can nitpick about, and that really is the important part. I enjoyed myself and I want to keep reading the rest of the series asap.

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