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Inhaltsangabe zu „Hell&High Water“ von Charlie Cochet

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  • Great worldbuilding with a somewhat unbelievable, but funny MC

    Hell&High Water


    24. August 2015 um 21:57

    For someone who generally doesn't like books about shapeshifters this had me pretty much gobbling it up in 3 days. I love the worldbuilding and the side characters, but Dex, the MC, gave me a hard time. I'm still doubting that someone in his position with his job and background would quip around the whole time, making fun of everyone and making one sexual innuendo after the other, directed at pretty much every male he encounters (including his father and boss). I liked Sloane more, wish we could've seen more of him in his shifter form and see the world through his feline eyes. Ash was my highlight, loved his deadpan humour. This guy just cracked me up every time. Dex finally grew on me, and he pulled off some crazy stunts during the climax which made me even like him. You gotta respect a guy who falls out of a window and continues to keep fighting. I liked the writing style, very visual, sometimes too much details (I don't need to know every single movement someone makes until he sits in a chair). Regarding the case they've got to solve - is it only me or was that clear from the beginning to everyone? I mean, from the moment Dex notices a certain piece of accessory, I knew what was going on, and I usually suck at predicting who the murderer is in a mystery. So no surprises on that front, but of course I'm not reading that stuff for the complex murder mysteries :-) I'll continue with the series, cause the worldbuiling is that good, I like the humour and it's a fast, uncomplicated read, though some plot developments in later books (which I just ordered) had my eyes rolling. (Come on, what are the statistical probabilities that everyone on the team is gay?)