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All Lessons Learned

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Lessons for Survivors

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Orlando Coppersmith is an mathematics fellow at St. Bride's College in the early 20th century. He has a brilliant mind, but little interest or inclination in anything that's not math, until he meets the new English fellow Jonty Steward, who's jovial and outgoing and about the exact opposite of the reclusive Orlando. Still, the two men strike up a fast and unlikely friendship. But just as that friendship starts to develop into something more a series of murders haunts the college. Murders on men of homosexual inclination.

This didn't quite do it for me. I found it boring, for the most part. The setting is interesting (to me), since I haven't read a lot from that time period, but the whole murder-mystery fell pretty flat with me.

I really did not like Jonty (I even hate the name), I thought he often didn't act very nice to Orlando, didn't deal with his naivety well and I didn't like his overt silliness. And in the end, I often did not understand his moods and reactions.
I did love Orlando, I could understand his extreme innocence, because it was just the age where that wasn't all that unlikely and I thought he was being pretty brave, dealing with the new situation and his new feeling, even though he was a bit stuck up sometimes.

That said, I found the pacing a bit slow and maybe too detailed on the day-to-day minutiae. Oftentimes there was just not a lot happening, neither emotional nor plot wise. The backdrop of the murders gives it a certain idea of suspense, but the thing is, the investigation didn't really do a lot until the very end, when everything was solved neatly in the last chapter. It mostly just seemed a device to get the characters talking and not a whole lot more. I also felt the solution was interesting, but not very surprising, the book wasn't very circumspect and the clues seemed kinda easy to read.

I could have dealt with the romance going very slowly, but it wasn't even that. I thought it advanced at a reasonably fast pace, but was always artificially interrupted by other engagements of the MCs or the murders.

In the end, the book just did not come together for me as I would have liked.


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