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Inhaltsangabe zu „Converting Ideas Into Reality“ von Choolwe Mudenda Choolwe

Everything ever achieved started as an idea. Both the scientific and biblical accounts of human development have a plethora of stories and accounts that detail the amazing power of an idea. The most successful men and women are not necessarily men and women of superior capabilities but those who were willing to take the journey of converting ideas into reality. In this timely book, Pastor, Leadership Consultant, Entrepreneur, Author and Mentor, Choolwe Mudenda Choolwe outlines very powerful principles for converting ideas into reality. The principles contained herein will work anywhere and for anyone because they are not prescriptive. They simply equip your mind with the versatile thinking capabilities required to make it anywhere at any time. Choolwe says the main reason he wrote this book is because he believes in the fact that your idea has potential to impact and improve humanity if given a chance to be converted into reality. He emphasizes that all major industries which have improved the quality of human life were once an idea in somebody’s mind. Imagine the quality of human life if many more converted their ideas into reality! We have automobiles, airplanes, electricity, computers, phones, marine vessels, and the internet, computers, advanced medical processes and so forth because the people who had these ideas did not give up but took the necessary steps to convert them into reality. This is a book for every person from every spectrum of life. Imagine a world where Presidents, CEOs, Pastors, Employees, Business Men and Women convert ideas into reality. This book is a definite step towards that kind of world. ABOUT AUTHOR Choolwe Mudenda Choolwe fondly known as Pastor Choolwe is Founder and President The Gospel Invasion Incorporated aka Gospel Envoys, which is one of the fastest growing Christian organizations, with an ever widening network of churches, campus and professionals’ fellowships, currently head quartered in Zambia. He is also founding chairman and CEO of the Michael Mark Group of Companies. Choolwe is a graduate in Business Administration, Theology and Leadership at different levels. His journey in the corporate world has seen him work at various levels in the Media, Banking, Insurance, Quasi-Public and the Pension industries. He also has healthy exposure in the legal fraternity since being gazzetted as a Public Prosecutor in 2007. He has served in various leadership roles in the Christendom from his days in High School as Scripture Union Chairman, in University as Chairperson of Chi-Alpha Christian Fellowship to post campus leadership as founding Pastor of Gospel Envoys and renowned conference speaker across denominations. As at 2015, he was Secretary for the International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network, a global fellowship of Ministers and Graduates of the International School of Ministry under Pastor (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome phD; the President of the Believers’ Loverworld Inc. aka Christ Embassy. The central theme and evident passion of his life is to help many to fulfill their purpose in life which he fondly calls their destiny. He does this using every available means and he is host of the renowned Night of Destiny, Day of Destiny and Moments of Destiny Conferences and programs. This book is one of the ways he hopes to contribute to the destinies of many.
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    Converting Ideas Into Reality


    11. June 2016 um 20:30

    "Converting ideas into reality" von Choolwe M. Choolwe erschien 2015 .InhaltEin christlicher Leitfaden, der aufzeigt, welche Punkte wichtig sind, wenn man Ideen verwirklichen möchte. Über Erfolg un die notwendige Geduld.MeinungAnfangs war ich skeptisch. Ich hatte Angst, dass das Buch ein 0815 Buch ist und mich enttäuscht. Dadurch, dass der Autor in der Einleitung dem Leser viel versprochen hat, hat er meine Angst nur verstärkt. Trotzdem las ich weiter. Zum Glück.Choolwe benutzt in seinem Buch gute Beispiele, und er erklärt diese gut und begeisternd. Dies fällt vor allem in Kapitel 2 auf.Er unterlegt viel mit biblischen Zitaten. Besonders gut gefällt mir das in Kapitel 5, wo er dem Leser einige Zitate über Arbeit an die Hand gibt.Er hat Humor.Er benutzt mehrmals im Buch die direkte Ansprache, nennt den Leser "friend". Wichtiges wiederholt er. FazitIch bin froh, das Buch gelesen zu haben. Ich hab es gerne gelesen und hatte es recht schnell durch.

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