Clash of the Worlds (House of Secrets, Book 3) by Chris Columbus (2016-05-05)

Clash of the Worlds (House of Secrets, Book 3) by Chris Columbus (2016-05-05)
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Showdown! Amazing from the first to the last page!

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    Kadyvor 2 Jahren
    Kurzmeinung: Showdown! Amazing from the first to the last page!
    Playtime's over. Let the battle begin!

    Content: The Walker kids - Cordelia, Brendan and Nell - may have saved the world, but they can't save their home. Things can't get any worse, but then...
    Turns out the Wind Witch is still alive and planning an invasion. To defeat her, the Walkers must split up and embark on a dangerous quest - facing aliens, dinosaurs and monstrous creatures from the deep.
    The Walkers always look out for each other, but now must go it alone on their most important mission yet. And this time, if they fail, there's no coming back.

    My opinion: The showdown of "House of Secrets" is exciting from the first to the last page! Sometimes I had to re-read something in the first or second book, because the story's so complex. But that was worth it. In the end, everything makes sense.
    The characters: Cordelia, Brendan and Nell are all trying to save their home and stop the Wind Witch's invasion. But they still don't trust each other completely.
    Nell is always overshadowed by her siblings, who try to treat her as though she's little. That fuels a bitterness inside her, which I could really understand. 
    Cordelia is bitter for another reason. I understood her too. After all, she was always the oldest, always the one to protect, not to be protected.
    Brendan, I didn't understand as well as his his siblings. He's still trying to be a hero and looses sight of the really important stuff: friends, family.
    The cover: The cover shows so many elements of the story! It's amazing! I absolutely love it, because it reflects the story in a way I'd never have thought possible.

    Conclusion: This book is amazing! Who read the first book, enjoyed the second, will love the third and final adventure of the Walkers.


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