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Chris Owens' 911

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Rezension zu "911 by Chris Owen (2008-06-25)" von Chris Owen

Too much sex, no coherent plot
Sakukovor 2 Jahren

Drew is a firefighter, looking for a roommate who can deal with his shift duty. He meets the resident doctor Scott, who's looking for a new place. Scott moves into Drew's house and a short while later, into his bed. After a while they meet EMT Eric at poker night, also looking for a new place. There's more room in the house, but is there also room in their bed?

This is not for me. For the most part, the book was just a drag.

The characters where fine, I just thought they where a bit flat. Or not flat exactly, maybe stereotypical? Interchangeable? They felt plot-convenient and not really like actual people.

But the plot was not for me, if you can call it a plot. It was more like a series of disconnected episodes, interspersed with a lot of gratuitous fucking. All the relationship progress always happened flawlessly. Scott and Drew just got together, not trouble. Then later on Eric comes along and they just include him at some point. Not much talking about it, no trouble adjusting. It just happens and it's fine.
In between those relationship milestones there are a bunch of smaller happenings. Scheduling conflicts, parents, illnesses etc. that don't really seem to do much for the overall story or character development.
The whole thing just lacked coherency for me. There was no proper arc, it was just a bunch of stuff happening to those people. I thought the part in the end could have been quite interesting, is it where not squashed into the last few chapters. Pretty much everything in this book feels kinda rushed and pointless.

And then there is the sex. I counted 18 sex scenes. I think in the middle you have 3 chapters of just sex scenes without anything like plot breaking it up. And quite frankly, the sex is not badly written and some of it is really hot, but it just gets very repetitive and boring, since it's just too much of it. It's not the most innovative sex ever written, even with 3 people in bed it's pretty tame and really lacks creativity.


Rezension zu "Cheek to Cheek" von Chris Owen

Rezension zu "Cheek to Cheek" von Chris Owen
CatherineMillervor 9 Jahren

Nachfolger zu "911" (spielt im gleichen 'Universum' und Drew, Scott und Eric tauchen kurz wieder auf. Zeitliche Einordnung zu Beginn des Romans: unmittelbar nach Drews Unfall).
Süße Geschichte, endet für mich ein bisschen zu aprupt und hastig, deswegen nur 4 Sterne. Ansonsten schön zu lesen und eine nette Figurenkonzeption und -konstellation.


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