Cicada Spring: A Novel

von Christian Galacar 
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Cicada Spring: A Novel
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Suspenseful thriller, kept me reading through the night!

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Inhaltsangabe zu "Cicada Spring: A Novel"

How far would you go to protect your own?

On a warm May evening in the spring of 1979, the people of Heartsridge, Massachusetts, are living the American dream. Families are gathered for barbecues. Kids are playing in front yards. Gardens are being kept. Meanwhile, Kara Price stumbles home through the woods, raped and beaten, her life shattered by a wicked act of violence, perpetrated by one of the town’s most beloved and public figures.

Surrounding Kara is a cast of compelling and nefarious characters—a violent-tempered mayor who can do no wrong in the eyes of the town, a sheriff bound by the rules and plagued by a guilty conscience, a father bent on revenge, a serial killer in the midst of an identity crisis. And at the center of it all there's Kara, who just wants to move on with her life and forget everything that happened to her. But how can she do that when everyone thinks she is a liar who is only out for attention? With plot and emotion braided together by a careful hand, this haunted group of people all acting on behalf of their own interests begs the question: How far would you go to protect your own?


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    misspidervor 4 Monaten
    Kurzmeinung: Suspenseful thriller, kept me reading through the night!
    Great character-driven story

    I love those 'accidental' readings that turn out to be great book, as was the case with this
    'Cicada Spring'. I chose to read this one just now because it perfectly fit into my season reading challenge as a story that takes place in spring. I was rewarded with a great character-driven story that sucked me in right from the beginning. All characters were described with such depth that you could easily envision them standing right in front of you (though I would have preferred not to with some of the characters).

    It was heartbreaking to see what horrible trauma Kara had to endure and what it led her to, worst of all being accused of lying when all she did was telling the truth. It was frightening to see how easily people believe - or rather want to believe - what is best for them, instead of digging for a dirty truth that may inconveniently affect their own lives. It was satisfying to observe how at the end justice was dealt both in the case of the rape and the serial killings (and in a way that pleased my gleeful streak very much). Recommended.


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