Christina Leigh Pritchard C I N: "Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin. You never come out the way you went in."


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Inhaltsangabe zu „C I N: "Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin. You never come out the way you went in."“ von Christina Leigh Pritchard

The Doctor said I should be dead.My heart beat furiously. I looked up at the flashes of lightning in the sky. Yes, I should be dead. Why wasn't I? Seventeen year old Lisa Brown's life is falling apart. First, her mother and father divorce, then their house forecloses and now, her mother has decided to commit herself to a psychiatric hospital.If that weren't enough, she must leave sunny south Florida to attend a boarding school full of geniuses in cold, Lynn, Massachusetts. The city where the locals chant "Lynn, Lynn, city of sin; you never come out the way you went in."And, they aren't kidding. Lisa must live in a tiny shack with two strange teenagers, a dog named Pig who growls when you look at him and a cat named Rat. "Mind the cat," everyone says. What the heck is wrong with this place?Lisa thinks she's landed in her own house of horrors with the anti-social Alex and his facetious sister Ally. But, the real drama begins the day she is struck by lightning... Watch the book trailer! Subscribe:

Can’t understand the character's bipolar behaviour, interactions seem unnatural; story moves on too fast without actually telling anything.

— Artemis_25
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  • Weird, too fast and not thought through enough

    C I N: "Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin. You never come out the way you went in."


    18. August 2017 um 16:45

    Hmm, yeah, well, what can I say? I really don't like to give low ratings, but, in this case, I simply can't help myself.Perhaps starting with the good stuff will soften the blow a bit.The cover fits the theme of the story quite well with the lightning and Lisa as the main character. It's not too much but pleasing to the eye and has a certain dark and mysterious touch to it to make me want to pick up the book and read the blurp.The beginning of the story has been pretty captivating. You get to know Lisa and that there is something wrong with her mum psychologically, hence the reason why Lisa is moving in with her mum's mother-in-law plus attending this special school in Lynn in the first place. I started sympathizing with the poor girl whose parents recently divorced and who doesn't want to leave her mum, friends and familiar surroundings. I even liked her first meeting with Michael, the boy who is taking her to her new home. He seems to be quite nice while he is introducing her briefly to the quirks of Lynn and their conversation has a nice flow.If only the quality had been held up on that level. Sadly, this hasn't been the case the moment Lisa moved in with Ally and Alex.Weird, that's perhaps the best way to describe what is happening further on. Everyone is acting weird. Some of it can be explained because it is part of the story, the people living in this Lynn are far from normal and all in all, there are strange things happening there, no complaints about that. But I have a problem with the high amount of exaggerated reactions of the characters. Sudden door-slamming, running out, screaming, crying and throwing a fit with barely an incentive made me go all frustrated as well because I couldn't understand why they were acting that way when practically nothing happened to warrant such dramatics. Bipolar, that's what they are, Lisa being the best example. One second Alex is practically a hero to her although she has deeply mistrusted him for a long time, and the next second she wants to kill him??? It would have been better to tone it down a notch or two because the interaction between the characters doesn't feel natural at all like this.On the other side, and it might sound odd, but I missed feelings. The characters go from one extreme to the other, even barely reacting at all when it would be human to do so, rape being the keyword here. There is missing the in-between, the things that make a person special, individual. The connection I had with Lisa was lost pretty soon because of that.The whole secret of Lynn's people has been pretty foreseeable and gone over too shallowly. The story goes forward too quickly. It feels like some vital parts have been left out, the little significant ones that let you in deeper, that leave room and space and time to grasp what the hell is going on and why and how. In the end you feel as if barely anything worthwhile has happened at all, like this was some fleeting idea which has been jotted down quickly to think about more thoroughly later.So that's how my reading experience looked like with this book. Someone else might have quite the opposite one. Give it a try and see for yourself. I will read the sequel because I received a free copy of it via netgalley in exchange for an honest review just as has been the case with this book. Hopefully, it will be a much better read.

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