Christina Leigh Pritchard TRAITOR (The C I N Series Book 2)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „TRAITOR (The C I N Series Book 2)“ von Christina Leigh Pritchard

Lisa thinks she knows everything about her new life. She can deal with the boundaries and even being torn away from her family. But Alex withheld more than she ever expected. Like, what happens when you lose control? How about when you begin to realize just how trapped you are? He leaves out a lot of stuff about himself too. He doesn't mention the dangers of some of the others--or of what she herself can do...

I can see that there is more behind this story, some interesting ideas, but they are conveyed poorly + I couldn’t feel with the characters.

— Artemis_25
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  • Better than the first book in the series but still not enough to intrigue me

    TRAITOR (The C I N Series Book 2)


    05. September 2017 um 13:29

    I’m surprised, but this sequel has indeed turned out to be slightly better than its predecessor, mostly due to the fact, that the characters don’t act quite as bipolar as in the first book of the series. But somehow, I still haven’t been able to form any kind of connection with them. Their feelings simply don’t reach me. Additionally, there are a lot of new characters introduced, that „steal“ vital bonding time with the old ones.The beginning of the story has been pretty captivating, actually. It becomes clear that there is far more to it than the the first installment of the CIN series suggests, promising a lot more actual content. I even enjoyed Alex reading Amies diary entries. That part has been my favourite, him commentating what he is reading of the thoughts of his first love. Amie remains the only character I am still a little bit fascinated with and we don’t even meet her „in person“.The moment Lisa is captured by Charles and Kimi things start to become very confusing. Everything I thought I knew about the strange people living in this Lynn was turned upside down, which is, in itself, not a bad thing, it can be very intriguing if got across properly. Well, yeah, if indeed. I was so confused I almost gave up reading the story. Of course, a bit of it clearly has been intended to puzzle over the motives of certain characters, to make you doubt one or the other. For me, sadly, it was too much. Luckily, in the end some things become clearer again.Lisa’s love life has been weird. I really don’t know how she fell for the third guy so fast when she is supposedly so very much in love with Alex.After reading „Traitor“ I am convinced that there are many good ideas having the potential to turn into a very exciting story. I’ve got the feeling that I missed out on a lot of things, as if there were holes in the story that needed to be filled for a much better reading experience. It’s the same with the characters, they need time and space to develop, to feel and breathe, so I can sympathise with them. I don’t think that I will read the third book „Ally’s Secret“, at least not until book 1 and 2 have gone through a major makeover. Read this story or don’t, it’s your decision.

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