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Christopher Greyson - The Girl Who Lived
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It’s been ten years since the day that changed her life. The day her beloved sister and father were killed together with her friend and her friend’s mother and she survived. The anniversary is close when Faith Winters is finally released from a psychiatric hospital where she spent most of the time since. She is said to have hallucinations, but she is very sure not to hallucinate at all. It wasn’t her father who killed all of them because he was exposed as adulterer. Yet, nobody believes the then girl and now young woman. Free at last, Faith is going to search for the killer – but the demons of the past haunt her and soon she realises that she cannot trust anybody. Or is she just crazy after all?

Christopher Greyson’s thriller is fast paced and playing on the readers’ nerves. It is a psychological thriller in which you can never be sure of what you read and what or whom you can believe. Faith Winters is a well-chosen protagonist, her past qualifies her to be either totally unbelievable and paranoid; yet, on the other, it is easy to imagine that she had been fooled and that people were eager not to believe her and to simply label her the crazy girl. Her medication and the consumption of alcohol just add to this.

The plot is cleverly crafted, many clues only lead you to dead ends and you have to build you explanation anew. Most of the characters act suspiciously in one or the other way which does not help much since you do not know if their behaviour is linked to the case or motivated by something completely different. The fact that there are many former addicts and people on medication around does not make it easier to distinguish between the credible and the non-credible characters.

All in all, the author did a very good job. Great entertainment, a thrilling plot with many twists and turns, an interesting protagonist and a fast pace – all you could wish for. 


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