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Inhaltsangabe zu „Choke“ von Chuck Palahniuk

Victor Mancini has devised a scam to pay for his mother's medical care: pretend to be choking on a piece of food in a restaurant and the person who "saves" you will feel responsible for the rest of their lives. Multiply that by a couple of hundred times and you generate a healthy income.

Anders, voller kaputter, abgefuckter Charaktere mit überraschenden Wendungen, nichts für Zartbesaitete...

— ichundelaine

Stöbern in Historische Romane

Der englische Botaniker

Hier ist Abenteuer und Exotik, aber gleichzeitig auch Wissenschaft in faszinierenden Eindrücken umgesetzt.



Der Weg einer mutigen jungen Frau in kein selbstbestimmtes Leben


Sommer in Edenbrooke

Romantisches Buch, das mich sofort gepackt hat. Obwohl der Verlauf der Geschichte absehbar ist, konnte ich das Buch kaum aus der Hand legen.


Die Farbe von Milch

Die Sprache verzaubert und hat einen wundervollen Klang. Der Inhalt macht wütend und traurig. Die Geschichte zieht einen in den Bann.


Marlenes Geheimnis

Frauenroman mit einem fesselnden historischen Hintergrund, den ich kaum aus der Hand legen mochte.


Fortunas Rache

Ein sehr guter und spannender historischer Roman, der neugierig auf Band 2 macht.


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    14. July 2016 um 09:45

    Usually, I really enjoy Palahniuks novels ever since Fight Club, however, this one is not one of his strongest. Disgusting sex-scenes and descriptions of the distribution of body-fluids as well as very descriptive pornographic content might be as off-putting as the weirdly pitiful protagonist. One can almost smell all the farts, the sweat and the unhealthy pallor of the characters. Victor is an only-child and his mother is something else: a burning fighter against the establishment, a senseless aggravator of public nuisance, driven by the wish to be alive and to gain freedom. But these days are over and she now ekes out her living at a nursing home, bed-ridden and with Alzheimer's. In order to pay for the nursing home bills, Victor not only works at bleek Colonial Town but also feints his choking-to-death every other night at a number of different restaurants. When he is not at the nursing home, at a restaurant or writing thank you letters to his "rescuers", he attends meetings for sexaholics and gets down and dirty, every time he has the chance to. But with his mother's live and sanity going down the drain he discovers things about his past that are about to change his entire life. Unfortunately this books couldn't really grab my attention, it was more like a movie you "watch" while cleaning the house. I probably wouldn't recommend it.